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Atomic Sugar Daddy vs Volkl Explosive

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Anyone have any experience with these two?
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Good choices, i don't think you can go wrong.
I ski the volkl explosiv in a 180(i'd go longer next time around) and one of my good ski buddies skies the sugar daddy.
the explosiv is awesome, really good float, and a really strong ski. it has minimal side cut but is really fun when you get to open it up(you can parallel carve through piles of snow). basically, it is the stiffest, meanest, nastiest powder ski you can find...imo. i have hit a ton of rocks, done turns on a rock face, and the skies takes it great.
the sugar daddy is also sweet, strong, and skies well. my buddy puts his through hell and they take it. he skies them straight onto concrete and they still do the trick in the powder.
so, you're looking in the right direction and i don't think you'll go wrong with either. i love my volkl, and i don't have to have stupid atomic bindings on them.
any more questions?

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Thanks for the info karl. Any comparrisons on the weights and stiffness between the two?
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the explosiv is lighter and stiffer than the sugar daddy. the sugar daddy is pretty soft and heavy.
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The O4/05 Sugars and pimps don't have the Atomic plate put any binding you want on them. I wouldn't call the Sugar a soft ski or all that heavy. sugar better in really deep Pow Explosive better all around ski. look at it this way the explosive has been around pretty much unchanged for about 6 or 7 years now. It's one of those things that was done right the first time. You can't go wrong with either ski.
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another biased opinion, with a reason.

i'm all about the explosiv. it's the best ski i've ever owned (ever will own, perhaps?).

i like it's traditional construction. vetical sidewall, no technology bally hoo about tubes and plastics.

utah is right - atomic got it right finally and took of the binding plate - any binding can now be mounted.

atomics tend to all have a tendancy to be carving oriented. if you want an all around ski that can jam in the bumps, in the steeps in short turns and generally be all over versatile (and not always wanting to be carving a turn in a relatively fixed radius), i think the völkl is the better choice.

that said, those who ski the fat atomics swear by them just as hard.
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