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Atomic Tweak?

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thinking about picking up a pair of these, wondering if anyone has demo'd them. I am 6' 3'' about 235
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Can't help ya with that, but I'm about that same size and was thinking about the Atomic Stomp. When I had the two skis it looked like the stomp might be able to hold up to "our abuse" as big guys slightly better.

What cha gonna use them for? A park only ski?
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basically, since im a washingtonian, good snow is far and few between, so thoughty about using them as mainly a park ski and messing around on. I found a pair for about 250, trying to see if that price was worth it. im still trying to find a good ski that i can use as my "all-mountain" ski. I dont feel like spending 700 bucks on a ski when im already on a super tight budget. Any suggestions for a good all mntn. ski?
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