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Scratch BC??is it right?

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I've just joined your forum. I've been reading for a while and like all the positive and truthful information that I've come across. Thank you for this...

My question that's killing me is as follows. I'm a strong agressive skiier. I've grown up racing on east coast bulletproof, but love getting into the backcountry. I'm 23, a skibum/college student and money is tight..very tight. I'm 6'1" and about 220. I'm looking for a ski that I can use on trips to Snowbird/Alta and also in the backcountry here (Tucks, Huntington, etc..), and places like Jay Peak and they're kickin trees, yet still be able to ride the groomers to get from stash A to Stash B, if you know what I mean.

Do you think that a Rossi Scratch BC in 188 will be enough ski for a guy my size? How does that ski hold up (can I buy a slightly used pair, or is it a 60-70 day ski?) I like the idea of the Volkl Explosiv 190's, but they are pricey and I can't seem to find any used pairs. The Gotama's intrigue me but I think that they might be a little to wide for me to use on the eastcoast. I've also looked at some used xxx and B3's, but am unsure if I should be looking for the 195's or the 185's. Any opinions or experiece would be greatly appreciated.

For reference I'm coming off a pair of 195 Salomon xscreams (loved em, but they've just seen toomany days on the hill), and I ski Fischer WC GS skies for the hardpack/ice skate days.

Sorry post was so long....thanks to all that read and reply!!

"Pray for snow"
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I think the 188 would be plenty ski for you, in fact you could probably get away with a 182. I'm the exact same height as you and although I weigh 40 pounds less (6'1", 180), I demoed a Scratch BC in a 176 and thought the size was perfect (I'm also an agressive skier). If in doubt, do a demo...
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Thanks for the input....Now I'm actually looking into a pair of Volkl VPro's in 190. They are new, cheap and might suit my purpose...although I'd much rather get my hands on some explosiv's. Thanks
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