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Getting to Maine resorts

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What is the easiest, cheapest, quickest way to get to Sunday River or Sugarloaf via plane/rental car from DC?

I've been wanting to ski there for years. Thanks.
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I would guess fly into Portland, ME and rent a car. Sunday River is about an hour away. Considering the horrible winter we are having here, you might want to keep that new experience for another year.
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When are you planning on going? I am not sure what airlines fly into the Portland Jetport.

Driving to SR from Portland takes about 75 minutes on a good day with a radar detector. Closer to an hour and a half if you are unfamiliar with the roads and there is some traffic. Sugarloaf is about 2-2.5 hours from Portland depending on some factors.

The driving time from Logan to SR (I live right next to the airport) is 3 hours and about 4 for Sugarloaf. It's really not that bad of a drive.

The snow up at SR and Sugarloaf has probably been the most consistent and reliable this year. If they get some more snow you will have a blast.

I like them both but I like The Loaf alittle more. If I were you I would hit both.
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I drive 5-15 mph above the speed limit and Sunday River is 1 hour 40 minutes and Sugarloaf is 2 hours and 15 minutes from Portland. FWIW
Sugarloaf is worth the extra drive if you are spending more than 1 day.
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When are you planning on going?
Not sure. I wanted to go this month, but I don't think I can get away. Looks like next opportunity will be end of Feb - beginning of March - if flights are relatively cheap.

How long a drive is it from Manchester NH?
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