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I'd ski with either ----or for that matter both for $ 1500.

The most fun would be to ski with both those guys at the same time. I'd do that for $ 750. Getting paid to go skiing and just think of what the conversations of the day would sound like !

Rethinking it----I'll ski with both at once for $ 500 !
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Babe ruth, Mickey Mantle, and all the other baseball heros, Stein, I think of him in the same league (pun intended). If you have the cash, it's an experience to remember forever. It's what you think your money is worth. Plain and simple. If you have millions (and a lot of folks do) it's a drop in the bucket. I skied just behing him one time and to me it was pretty cool! This was three years ago and I still remember and tells the tale. So if I had that kind of cash, why not?
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Right on Finndog, all day demand private at DV probably costs several hundred. Maybe it is worth a little more to ski with a great who changed the sport.
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Industry Gentleman

I have been a big fan of the man for nearly 40 years. When I was in high school me and my little brother would always watch the Thursday Ski Report on WCAX out of Burlington, Vt. The show always opened with Stein doing his flip...we were in awe.
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JHrefugee-------Sunday afternoons at Stratton---after his weekly flip demo, he would just stand around and talk to folks----what a cool thing for a kid (that would have been me) to experience.

I edited this ----my original post could have been misinterpreted to indicate he would talk with the crowd then but not now.
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You Can still meet and talk to Stein at Deer Valley. If you see him in a lift line just say hello. He is a very nice guy. he looks better tat 76 then most of us do who are 20or even 30 years younger.
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Hey, I am jealous. Would love to be able to charge $1500 per day for someone to ski with me when I am 77. Can't even get that much and I am only sixty something! But then I am not a legend.

Stein meant a lot to skiing when it was developing in the US in the 50s and 60s. The younger generations don't know what it was like then. He is worth any money that people are willing to pay to ski with a legend.

If you want a straight ski lesson....there are lots who are better and cheaper but that is not what it is about.

Go STein.
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It's got nothing to do with a lesson, it would be like playing catch with a baasebal great or having Staubach throwing you passes. It's the experience. To thos e who have not seen him, he's awesome, I want to look that suave at his age. Rippin' it up in his Bogner sweaters!!!! No one mentioned that you can buy the ooutfits he wears each day.....
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