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SEATTLE SKI SALES: Is it worth the crowds?

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This is the weekend of the two big ski sales in Seattle. Is it worth my time to try and get some new skis at this sale?

Are they selling this years or last years skis or both? Will the reps be there to discuss the skis?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think it't worth the time if you get there early and know what you want. Most of the reps are there. I will be working for Salomon fri. nite, stop by and say hi. Most of the equip. is last years, but sometimes the current year gear is on sale.
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If you want to buy last year’s gear at a good price, you probably won’t find any better selection this season. I'd brave the crowds, but I'm cheap.


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What is the date, time, and location of the ski sales?
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Lucky, do you know if you'll have any Super Mountains?
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Ski Bonkers sale of skis, snowboards, boots, poles, goggles, etc. is this weekend. If you're in the market, it should be a great place to gear up, Friday through Monday. For the first time, it is at Northgate Mall off Interstate 5, in the south parking lot. For details, call 206-363-3007.

I thought there were two but I may be mistaken.
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I've gotten some good deals at Ski Bonkers before. Get there early, and look for the demo rack - there might be some "slightly used" 2001-02 models left over from last spring. There were several Supermountains discounted last year, and I would be surprised if there aren't some this year. The crowds aren't too bad, and parking is way easier at Northgate than downtown. Of course, it's much better if you have an idea of what you want, the salespeople are pretty busy!
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What Cronic said. The demo rack will probably be your best bet on the Supermountains.
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Checked out Ski Bonkers tonight. There were a few demo Supermountains for under $400, as well as several pair still in the plastic. There were also lots of demo Volants, including some higher-end models. There seemed to be a greater selection of demo skis than in previous years. It was a little more crowded than I expected for a Friday night, and some of the reps said that skis were selling fast. If you're looking for a good selection of skis you should check it out.
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What were the Volant demos going for? Volant has gone out of business as of earlier this week.
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I didn't notice the Volant demos, but the 02 Powers were just under 5 and the Vertex 02 444.00. Last years Powers were 369 There were several models of T3 too but don't remember the price. Same boat with the Machete. I'll update the info tomorrow.
I was blown away by the MSRP on salomon pilots, over 1100.00. Even with binders that looks like a jailable offense to me. But I guess you could bury that with a number of board-binder combos at full retail
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thanks for the update. it looks like the prices weren't as good as I had expected. I'll wait till the Whistler Turkey sale and Vancouver Ski & Snowboard swap to hunt for some deals.
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