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Originally Posted by Scalce
I'm hoping between the warmer weather and the blacked out ASC pass holders that SR will not be too crowded and the groomers can work some magic.

Anyone else gonna be out there?
Check out MRG. They closed today to let the mountain drain (no freezing weather last night) and several inches today. Might be good conditions there tomorrow, groomed and ungroomed...at least for the first runs out. Looks like I'll be there with my 8000s and my wife.
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer
Right now it is -8 here. Don't worry, it's moving your way..... Get those snow guns lined up!!!
I agree, we had very warm temperatures the last few days and it's going to be around 0 tonight!!
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Twisters that went through town last night blew some butane tanks at the Michelin warehouse and set thousands of tires on fire. Fire is still huge, but controlled. This happened while I was enjoying a cigar and sipping a cocktail on the patio; there was only a light breeze where I was. You never know.
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A 50 degree drop in 8 hours. Must be North Dakota.
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Well Jay was good on Friday, MRG was great on Saturday, MRG was good on Sunday and Killington was fair on Monday.

All in all the conditions were much better than expected and the weather kept the crowds away.
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Temps are in or close to the 0 factor here!! Too cold to take the rug rats out, infact the dog doesn't even want to stay outside any longer then he has too.

I was sick with the flu this weekend and I felt like a ton of bricks slamed on my head. Now I have to clean up 4days mess of 3 people who do not clean up after themselves.
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Yeah it looks like the weather is finally started to get cold! My hometown ski resorts are accumulating 5-6 inches of natural snow and it is snowing outside today, woopie! I can't wait to get on my skis!
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Continuing sucky-ness!!

Why are so many friggin trails STILL closed in Connecticut and western Mass? We have the sustained cold, don't we? Berkshire East still lists only 20 trails open of 45. Is that normal? Been wanting to head up there. Mohawk Mountain still has tons of closed trails, and they invented snowsmaking for pete's sake! : I'm headed up to Mohawk for night skiing tonight, anyway.
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Just got back from Jiminy. Powder day. Plenty of untracked and base under powder was ok, a little icy. Best day so far at Jiminy.
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Just back from Mohawk Mountain and it looks like they're finally going to open wide tomorrow or Saturday; they were grooming trails I haven't seen open this year. Talked to a 10-year rental shop veteran there and he said it was the worst winter in all his years.
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