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I have read with interest the mostly positive reviews about ZipFit, and similarly the various brands of heaters. I’ve heard a ,couple of positive comments about the neoprene covers. What the actual thermal comfort differential is hasn’t been stated; is it ten /twenty degrees ‘F’or more that people feel it enhances them? The heat reflecive products, (over liner tapes and under liner or under foot bed aluminum or stainless waffers or tape) make sense, though I’ve not read or heard feedback on this. If by utilizing heat reflection and neoporene muffs/ gloves poeple that are cool in the thirties are now just cool in the aughts, then I’d feel it an avenue worth pursuit. Otherwise the heater route seems more plausable or Zipfits a possibility.

In reading your comments I see the main negative to ZipFit imparted by a narrow footed individual and I see no foot / lower leg characteristics listed for the others. Also, no one is stating what there boot-fit characteristic is; two finger, one finger or race fit. If you others are of minimum ‘C’ width and majorally ‘D’ and greater, you don’t have the same problems we narrow footed / legged ones do.

Boot comfort has the appearance of a money pit.