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Binding lifters or riser plates?

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I purchased a pair of Stockli Stormrider DP skis and then some Look P12 Pivot Jib bindings to mount on them. I didn't realize that the Look P12 jib doesn't have any lift and I think that with the width of this ski (91cm) I'm really going to want to have some decent lift under the bindings. So I'm looking for recommendations. One idea was to try to get Look's own P12 lifter plate to use with the jib version (not sure this would work and I haven't found anyone who sells the lifter plate separately). My other idea was to find a general binding riser plate that would provide the lift without affecting the flex of the ski too much - anyone have any ideas?

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Why don't you return the Jib version & exchange it for the Lift version? I think they are the same price.
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eBay purchase - no return possible.
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It looks like the Vist plates are what I'm looking for, but I can't find anyone who sells them. Anyone know where to pick some up?
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The vists are the ticket. Hopefully that link gets you what you need.
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So, how high should I go? I'm only 5' 7" on a 91cm wide ski. Do I go for 20mm? That seems like a major amount of lift!
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i ski a 14mm lift on my explosiv. the lift is awesome. just a reference. i don't want to count mm, but 20 sounds like the upper limit for a wider ski.

just my opinion
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NO GO!!!
I tried that this season with a GS ski. The Vist lifter plates from artech (love those guys, great stuff) don't match up with the look pivot binding mount pattern & the 20 mm shims are actually 2 10 mm shims stacked. I thought they look pretty crude & unsafe (read : circa lifters from 1995).
Better bet is to call Skiershop.com, they sell the Look lifters for around 10 dollars
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I believe the vists come in a pre drilled version with holes to cover most bindings or an undrilled version you drill as needed. The basic cheap one is 10mm. They do some two piece and one piece with dampening in 14mm and 17mm I think. 10 is not much 14 would probably be good 17 is probably as high as you'd want to go. Here's the link
That will give you stats more accurately then me off the top of my head.
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Want a cheap option? Cut a cutting board to fit under the bindings. Takes a bit of work but gets the job done and is dirt cheap.
Nice choice of binding, BTW.
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I chose the Look Pivot bindings for one main reason - since these are going to be my main powder boards I wanted a binding that you can put on in really deep powder without needing to step into it on a stable surface. With the Looks you can just reach down and lift up the heel piece and you're in. For those rare occasions when I've lost a ski in 2+ feet of powder (usually an unseen boulder under the powder rips the ski off my foot) I wanted a setup that let me get out of trouble without a lot of work.
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I bumping this thread again since I've run into a dead end with the VIST plates. I spoke with the new U.S. rep, Kevin Calabrese, and he said there won't be any VIST plates available for purchase in the states for another month or so. I can't wait that long.

The lifters from Artech are "OK" and I don't even want to consider the "cutting board" idea. I would like a real after-market plate. So who else makes lifters/risers/plates?

BTW - I did order the Look lifters from skiershop.com for $10 to add to my Looks, but I'm going to want more lift and I'd really like to do that with a good plate. It sucks that VIST's U.S. distribution is screwed up right now. These things seem to be all over the place in Europe. Can anyone help me get a VIST Absorber Duo plate?
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Its a year later and VIST is still screwed up in the USA! The rep never returns emails or calls. I bought a pair on ebay and was just lucky.
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ARTECH significantly improved their line of VIST plates this year (and improved their web site so that you can check them out). I've also found some at ski-depot.com.

I don't know what the story is on Kevin Calabrese, the VIST rep, but he usually takes about a month to return phone calls or e-mails.
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