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Ski Selection Question

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I am buying my first pair of skis after renting all my life (I've owned my own boots for a while, though) and would like your help to make sure I don't make a bad selection. I am a 34 year old male, 6', 185, advanced intermediate. I started skiing at 7 and typically ski 5-10 days a year (I live in Texas). I generally ski steep blues and blacks and rarely hit the moguls as I tore my ACL and MCL a few years ago, which hurts the knee more than I'd like. I am usually a fall-line skier, tending to tight turns, but enjoy carving when the runs are less crowded.

I have ordered Atomic R10's (170s) from Sierra Trading Post because I could not pass up the great price.

From everything I've read about these skis, they should fit me perfectly, but I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.
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Bump. I head to the mountains in a couple of weeks and would really like to know what you all think.

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I think you'll like those R:10s a lot. Where are you going to be skiing? You may want to try some higher-level carvers while you're skiing (like the Volkl 6*, Fischer RX8, Atomic M:11, Elan S12, etc.), just to play around with them. But, that said, those R:10s will be really great skis for you.
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Thanks for the reply. That is what I was hoping to hear.

Heading to Steamboat at the end of this month and then to Deer Valley/Park City a bit later.

I'll definitely keep those others in mind and try to find a shop to try them out, likely in Steamboat since I'll be there a bit longer.
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yeah I think you'll like the Atomics too. the other ridiculously good bargain at STP was the Fischer BigStix 7.6. I got a pair of them in 175 and just picked them up from getting Pivot 12 Ti Lifter binders installed. I got a great deal on the binders and mounting so I've got a super nice midfat setup for about 1/3 what they'd have cost me last season.
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