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A good mnt. 2-3hours from boston

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Does any one know a a good mnt. that is 2 to 3 hours away from boston for a day trip?
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Several options. Sunapee has good grooming and snowmaking with lots of easy to moderate cruisers, probably not a place experts looking for thrills would rate highly. Gunstock is kind of old-timey but we always find it very friendly and more of a locals mountain, again better for cruisers than real experts. Loon and Waterville are easy day trips but have never visited either. Cannon should also be within range, more challenging terrain.
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Okemo, Killington, and Mt Snow are the close big mountains, all just under 3 hours. Bosquet, Butternut, Gunstock, and Sunapee should be within 2 hours and are smaller.
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under two hours my favorites are Cannon and Loon. Under 3 hours Killington during midweek is worth the ride.
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Ragged is a nice smaller mountain.
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There are none, Wachusett is the only skiing options in NE.....

Kidding haha funny, You guys have such a good sense of humor you know. Just trying to keep the goods for us Vemonta's. So yeah skiing in NH is sick and under 3 hours, Ragged, Sunapee, Cannon, Waterville. NH is just sick live free of die you know, absolutely no reason to head west at all. Just drank a bucket of coffee can you tell.

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what type of mountain are you looking for and how do you define "good"? we could all kick back and name 3 dozen ski areas that are 2-3 hours from boston as anything except balsams fits that description in NH and anything Kmart or south is within 3 hours in VT. personally i think cannon has the best terrain within three hours of boston, though i would also give nods to burke and magic. wildcat is solid at three hours too, but a bit expensive for a day trip for wha't offered. loon is also a good mountain, but again... a bit expensive for what they offer especially considering the crowds.
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Just to make Alfonse uncomortable as he comes down from his caffeine buzz ;-), Stowe is a nice, varied mountain, about 3 hrs. from Boston. I just got back from there, and the only real downside is that the beginner area (Spruce) and the larger area (Mansfield) are not connected by trails or lifts. shuttle buses run frequently, but it can make it a bit tricky for a group with varied interests and skill levels.
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For a multi-experienced family trip try Sunday River in Bethel Maine. There are 5-mountains with everything from great beginner trails to some of the steepest and narliest in the east. Such as White Heat and Shockwave. Good luck.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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attitash/bear peak

2.5 hours from boston, decent mountain.
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It depends on what you are looking for. For a day trip I recommend Berkshire East. Decent terrain, empty and close by. I lived in CT for 6 years. For the day I rather go to the Beast than go to OKemo and etc that are usually crowded and pricey.
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I think Sunday River gives you the best of everything in New England. I do most of my skiing at Stratton, so I'll talk about Stratton: it's an intermediate, groomed trail specialist's heaven. They do THE BEST snow making and grooming I have seen in New England. It's pricey and tends to get crowds. There is NO nightlife. A lot of families there and a huge number of kids in year long ski programs: they will always be well represented in professional skiing and boarding.
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