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Tell me about this wax

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I was just given a kilo of Swix violet alpine ski wax. The number on it is A 40-B. It has been in storage for a while[years]. Does anyone know any thing about this wax...like what temp it is designed to work in...thanks
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This color is currently used for 21F to 10F temps. You might want to check with a good shop to see if the shop rats know exactly what you have.

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Or contact SWIX directly at their 800 # (sorry, I don't have it in front of me) and ask them.

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I may be way off base here, but it seems it is all temp wax. I ran out of wax at the shop last season because some idiot used it all on just two snow boards. i got in touch with a guy who used to work with us, but is now head of another store cahin's ski dpt. He gave me this wax. He said it was Swix, all temp. It was purple.
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Dude - a kilo, are ya gonna share? Went to Main today, but Chair 1 was on wind hold all day. It was snowing hard, but really wet. Are you skiing on Sunday? Or will Monday be "the day"? Sounds like we will end up with about 9 feet up top. Yea! See ya soon. -spin-
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Sure man...Once I figure out what it is I will cut it a few times and turn you on to some. There is more than enough here for my personal use....

I watched the web page all day[while working on reports] and noticed that they never opened the lifts. I also saw that it was reported on some LA TV news channel.

I still think that Monday will be the day, but I could use a report this evening as to how many people were crammed onto broadway today. Are they gonna open stump alley and face lift by Sunady or Monday?

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I just got a email response back from swix...They said that it is a old wax and don't have any info of temp ranges to give me...amazing
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