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Heading up Friday afternoon. Probably get in late-ish.
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My real time Whistler weather report (Monday) is as follows

" I hope you bring some decent snow with you, it's pissing it down at the moment."

For anyone needing a translation that means it is a bit wet in Whistler but says(for the Peak)

Weather summary mod. snow heavy snow heavy snow mod. snow heavy snow heavy snow heavy snow mod. snow snow shwrs
Snow (cm) 9 17 20 7 11 28 11 6 3

for the next 3 days (they give different summaries for morning/afternoon./night which is why there are 9 for Tues/wed/thurs)

Different story for mid mountain and below- consistent heavy rain
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Originally Posted by Betaracer
the Boot?!?!?! : Whistler's only location to view ballerinas, and they're not Bolshoi quality.
Good to hear that some things haven't changed!. There was a rumour last year that the Boot as we know it would be no more
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The Boot

Think that my wife will give me the boot if she found out i took my son there!

Still maybe i can sneak out for a look (purely in the interest of Canada / Australia cultural exchange).

I am staying at the Rendevous (Marriot??) in the upper village. Leave Perth on Friday 6am and get into Vancouver on Friday 4 pm after 26 hours travel!

Looks like its pissing down till at least Saturday
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I returned about 4 hours ago from 6 days in Whistler with family & friends. Lots of complaining from the experts in the group, who like off-piste and Black runs. Too much was closed and/or icy. But the blue groomed cruisers were mostly fine. I'd been expecting the worst, but it wasn't that bad. And it was quite beautiful. Sunday there was about 3 inches of new snow and conditions were much, much better. But Monday came the downpour and even my ski instructor called from the top of Whistler and said, "Don't bother. It's wet and hard to turn." This morning it was still heavy rain. I feel sorry for the World Snowboard Championship people. They must be having a hell of a time. On Friday we rode up the gondola on Blackcomb with 2 young competitors who said that the conditions were so icy that "we're losing confidence."
But despite all that, I had a great time -- had an amazing Level IV instructor (Joanne Younker) -- had some work done on my boots at Snowcovers, which I first read about here -- and enjoyed some great (and a few not so great meals.)
Note to all of you who are about to go there: We discovered that if you go to Guest Relations and act depressed about the rain, they'll give you a credit for the price of that day or days' lift ticket in the form of a GIFT CARD, which you can use at some of the shops and restaurants. So that's what we did yesterday when it was too blah to ski. We went shopping.
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Thanks for the update (and hints) Cryptica
Sounds like it's not the best year ever - but not a total wipeout for you either

Any eatery names to put lower down or higher up on the list?
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Lbt --

Eatery tips? Well, take this with a grain of salt, so to speak,
because we had to please 7 affluent finicky foodie types (except
for me). Plus -- I wasn't paying! (Which certainly makes a
difference when you consider making a reservation at any
of these places.)

MONK'S: Appetizers were excellent, but my brother and I
ordered the "Seafood Trio," of shrimp, salmon and something
or other over risotto as a main course and it was tastless and really dry.
Shockingly bad. I ate it anyway because I was starving,
but my brother complained to the maitre d' who
said, "But it's one of our most popular dishes" and was
shocked, but immediately took the price off the bill for
his -- and offered to for mine as well. But I figured, hell,
I ate it, we should pay for it. Wait time was also extremely
long to be served. Maybe they were just having a bad night.

LA RUA: Everybody was a happy camper here. Excellent fish,
meat, fowl. We were surprised that at Whistler, no matter where we went,
most of the fish, including the salmon, was "flash-frozen." At least it is in the winter. Even at sushi places, I'm told. We figured hey, Vancouver's so close, fresh, fresh, fresh. But no.

So if it matters to you, be sure to ask "What of your fish is fresh tonight?"
Based on that, people ordered the special of Louisiana striped bass (divine) and red snapper (ditto), cassoulet and steak. Excellent wines were reported by those who partook. Best dessert: Caramel fudgesicle
pyramid with strawberries and whipped cream!

RIMROCK: Perfect in every way. Reservations are a must. Call ASAP if you're interested. No matter who I spoke to, from taxi drivers to ski instructors to the receptionist at the hotel, Rimrock was the #1 fave recommendation. And when a "local" swears by a place, you know it's going to be good. I even asked a Vancouverite what his favorite seafood place is in Vancouver and he said, "Rimrock." I could have eaten there the entire time. Great appetizers, fish, meat, desserts, ambiance. (Try their house special sticky toffee pudding!) Place was packed. But warm and simply lovely.

BAREFOOT BISTRO: I don't think I can be a fair judge of this place because the cuisine isn't my kind of thing. Restaurant is really expensive
($90 Canadian fixed price for 3 courses, not counting drinks or coffee/tea). Lots of wild game and things that I'd never eat like veal cheeks and squash pudding with sour cream sorbet. Everything was an essence of this and mist of that. There were 9 of us and I'd say 7 were not thrilled with what they ordered.

But in defense of the place, as I said, I'm not a real "foodie" and don't appreciate the fussiness. Things like silver domes over the plates being removed with a flourish in unison by the waiters was a little too pretentious . . .but others might like it. Hard to believe that once a year at Whistler there's some sort of carnival or something, where for one night only the waitresses are topless! Much to the disappointment of the men at our table, the evening we were there was not that night.

Lunch one day mid-mountain Whistler at a little place called CHICK PEA?
(I think that's the name) was delish. Not too crowded like the restaurant at the top. Yummy subs and pizza.

And I can highly recommend the excellent red and black licorice sticks at the Village 8 Movie theater, where you can go if you have a rain day.

We almost went to Hy's and have heard only good things about it, so
you might want to try that one.
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julius - bring your trashbags to bum cheeks. Word from locals is that its raining but who knows? It may snow.
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Here is where cheap locals go

- Rimrock if you get the club intrawest 150 bux gift cert. What else you gonna do on a rainy day?

- Splitz for burgers like you haven't had them before- yum!

- Boston Pizza in creekside for the mountain of pasta and meatballs - generic but its still good

- Samurai Sushi near nestors or Sushi Ya above the McD's in Marketplace

- Milestones has good inexpensive appetizers

- DubhLinn Gate has awesome nachos but their booze is expensive
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LeeLau --
Where is Splitz? I wish I'd known about it. Sounds great.
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Originally Posted by Cryptica
LeeLau --
Where is Splitz? I wish I'd known about it. Sounds great.
Splitz is right by the Quiznos on Main strt. Its opposite the 7-11. Beautiful hand-made burgers NOT made out of floor sweepings. Huge hand-cut fries and banana splits yuum,,,
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Originally Posted by LeeLau
julius - bring your trashbags to bum cheeks. Word from locals is that its raining but who knows? It may snow.
Well, went up today for the first time since monday when it really started to throw it down. Not good!! Pretty hard work making it to the top of the gondola on Blackcomb to download (rivers and lakes to cross!). Up side was that it was snowing from the Rendevous upwards (about 1900M).
Slightly good news - it's not raining at the moment.
Slightly really bad news - it's due to rain more top to bottom from Saturday
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I'm just back and sorry to say --- it was really bad. Rained almost the whole time. The bottom is pretty much gone and the top is WET! It snowed a little in the alpine, but they closed it for avalanche danger. Whistler did what they could - free lessons, free lift tickets for another day, and half price food and drinks on the mountain. Heck they even passed out trash bags!!! We made the best of it and tried to keep our spirits up but Saturday and Sunday we couldn't even ski at all. I feel really sorry for all the kids working up there that depend on tips, the restaurants were empty. It doesn't look like the weather is going to improve any in the near future either. On the upside, the waterfalls on 99 were HUGE!!!
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For those that are concerned about snow reports, the online report is pretty accurate actually. There is a good base & the snow is good as it has remained cold. We are looking like getting some snow this week so it should be good skiing all round.  Come & enjoy. 

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Skied WB yesterday.  We skied all over the Alpine on both mountains.  Snow is best on the most protected slopes.  Peak and Glacier were the best of the bunch.  An inversion made it well above freezing in the Alpine, but below 0 C in the valley which meant that the snow on the lowest slopes was superior to that on the top of the mountain.  There is plenty of snow to allow skiing down to the Village, but not Creekside, apparently, since Peak to Creek is not open all the way down.

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just back from skiing whistler (and Blackcomb). Very light crowds don't think I waited more than two chairs all day. Posanue was right there was a been a big temp inversion last couple of days .On Blackcomb in the alpine south facing 7th heaven was brutal in the glades It was like skiing after overnight freezing in May. Shaded Pakaloo and Couloir  on the other hand were pretty damn good  (for early december). Snow cover is still at early levels. Lots of rocks to dodge off piste in the alpine but coverage is pretty good all the way to the valley base. No issues on the lower slopes. Whistler being open longer has gotten a better bump build up. Harmony Whistler bowl and Cunky's are nicely bumped. As usual skied out on Peak to Creek via the bowls and Big Timber. The snow was actually better lower down in the valley. Posanue the Creekside ropes are up as a patrol boundary, Skiing is good to Creekside until May and you usually get the slope to yourself. Just be with a buddy in case you need to self rescue. 

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start of silly season at Whistler as crowds will be starting to show up for Christmas. Was last day there for me until after New Years but lots of good skiing and some fresh snow last couple of days, everything is open, coverage is typical December, 5k plus vertical available on both mountains, skiing is good all the way to the valley. And good time to check out at the latest gear at the free demo tents set up adjacent the peak to peak terminals.  

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Quizno's has gone - Now occupied by Mt Curry Coffee Company - nothing to report as their seating is limited so was not able to sit on the occassion I went to try it and have not been back.


Splitz is still very good.

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