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Old skis still pretty good

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Just for kicks I went to the mountain the other day with my current skis, Atomic R:11's 170cm, and a couple of pairs of old favorites just to see what it would be like to compare 3 generations of ski in one day. The other two skis were a pair of Elan RCT's 204cm from the early 90's and a pair of Volkl Platinum P40's 193cm from the late 90's. The conditions were mostly hardpack.

The Elan's came just before the shaped ski movement started. They did however have a slight shape to them compared to the practically straight lines of all skis back then. It had a cap construction producing great torsional rigidity combined with a nice longitudinal flex. All of my skis prior to the Elans were stiff longitudinally. I took a few runs with the RCT's and the old memories came back. Although you have to work the ski more than today's crop, it was still a blast to ski. Fast, stable, and fairly versatile.

Next up came the Volkl. Personally, I think the Platinum P40 should be in the ski hall of fame. After banging out a few runs I remembered why I picked these skis and used them so much. Wow! The P40 are a great ski for arcing medium to long turns with power and precision, without being a full-on race ski. But the bumps and off-piste is not where these sticks should venture. All and all, a top notch on-piste board.

I then skied the rest of the day on the R:11's. As we know from previous threads, this is a favorite of many members of this forum. It can be skied virtually anywhere if steered by an experienced pilot. The only thing I disagree with most other's regarding the R:11 is that they can't ski short turns. Personally, I have no problem making short turns with these. In fact I am able to produce virtually any turn shape with the R:11. This is truely a great all mountain ski to be used anywhere, anytime, except in deep powder and super crud.

Anyways, it was fun to ski a couple of my favorites from years gone by and compare them to my current ski.
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Do you think you pilot your old straight skis any differently now that you've had a few years on shaped skis?
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On the first run or two I tried skiing them the way I do with my newer skis. I quickly determined that a change in technique was required to get them to respond properly. More hip and knee action was necessary.
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I wouldn't call the P40 "old", that's my current HW!
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The '97 or '98 (somewhere in that range) orange Volkl P30 RC is one of the greats. I still have a pair of 200's (that I use in midwest Downhills) and my buddy has a pair of 190's. Awesome!
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I have a pair of the green P40 F1's in a 188cm (99-2000?) Great ski although I wouldn't want it as an all mountain board. Anyone happen to know the radius on that vintage?
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You can verify these dimensions with a ruler, but I believe they are 102/65/88 which tranlates to a radius of 22.8 meters at that length.
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Thanks U.P.

What fancy number crunching did you use to figure that out ?
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I saved a version of an excel spreadsheet that Physicsman made. It seems to be dead-on.
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