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Vail advice - Off Mountain

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What are the top restaurants in Vail. Price is unimportant, but quality is. Where can you find the good food? I don't care if it's cheap Mexican or high end California cuisine, I'm just looking for the good stuff.

Secondly, one of my trips to Vail is with a group of male coworkers. What are the bars and nightclubs that are worth visiting?

Then somehow we need to drag our butts out of bed and go skiing...

Life is tough, then you go skiing.
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Check out - http://vail.snow.com/info/pb.tips.top10.asp#Restaurants.

we tried - Sweet basil, Bully Ranch, Campo Di Fiori, Terra Bistro. were were disappointed with Bully Ranch.
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My vote in Vail is for Sweet Basil (the Chilean Sea Bass I had there one night might still be the best meal I've ever had, and I've had some good ones), La Tour and Wildflower. If you're more into the wine than the food, check out the Left Bank in the Sitzmark Hotel.
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Try a HotDog at the Sundance Saloon in LionsHead!!! About as good as it gets!!!
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BTW, I meant that in a GOOD way SUNDANCE IS AWESOME!!!
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