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Boxes To Ship Skis

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When you guys ship skis where do you purchase the boxes from?

The UPS store charges like $15 for a box.
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I snag 'em from my ski shop, or I just make them out of a big cardboard box.

But check uline.com if you want to buy them.

And get ready for the heartaches of ebay.
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I have sold stuff before so I know all the ins and outs.

I would sell the skis to people from this board but they know how much I spent on the skis so that would piss people off if I try to charge a certain amount.

Plus I might end up keeping a pair or two.

I assume the Legend 8000s in a 178 would be too long for me at 5'8" 165 pounds.
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Get ya some from the streets---preferrably not to stanky! One displaced - ah - street person-- will getya enough to ship a few pairs!
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Originally Posted by Scalce
I assume the Legend 8000s in a 178 would be too long for me at 5'8" 165 pounds.
Maybe. But the 172 would be perfect for you, IMO.
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Dumpster dive behind the ski shops.
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I purchase two smaller boxes and cram the end of one slightly inside the end of the other to make one long box. A little tape around the middle to secure it and you're set. Go to a specialty box store if that doesn't make sense (I'm an accountant and have trouble putting a visual to something like this).
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Legend 8k

When I called Galyan's at the Northshore Mall yesterday any they said they got cleaned out of the Legend 8000's I knew It had to be you.

Good score Amigo!!
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You can get the "tube" boxes from USPS and Fedex for free. I've had to be creative and use two and tape for wider skis.
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Get some big boxes from other stuff, furniture, tv, etc..., and cut and tape them to fit skis.

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