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Frozen Rain on Corduroy

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We got some freezing rain yesterday, especially in the morning. Our bus was the first to the hill, so the rain was freezing on top of the groomed, undisturbed snow. This made for some pretty interesting conditions. You could peel sections of ice off the lift chair safety bar about ¼” thick.

Can you say quick?
No? How about really fast?
No? OK, then let’s try warp speed, engage! Whew!

I saw a skier fall over after two turns down a double black. She got stopped OK, but seemed to have trouble getting up, and then one ski slipped about ten feet down below her. Naturally, she slid on her bum to go get her ski. She got to her ski in about 2 seconds. She blew past it, covered about 50 feet in the next two seconds, accelerating all the way down to the bottom several hundred feet below. I confess, I got a good chuckle out of this.

You couldn’t break through the ice layer as you were skiing. The best runs turned out to be the most used runs, since after a while, the ice would get shaved off a bit, and you could start getting some bite.

What was nice, is that the 1 km long traverse that you normally have to work at getting across, was so fast that you didn’t have to pole push even once!

There was a long-tail weasel that was cruising around under the main lift. Good thing he stayed off the runs, or he may have become part of someone’s next fur hat!

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Where was this?
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in one of pierre's "easy turnin'" dreams.
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Devil's Glen in Ontario. http://www.devilsglen.com/
My ski club checks out different private clubs each Wednesday. Its nice to see places where your first run can cost as much as $50,000!

We had a record high of +18°C yesterday (that's 64°F for the metrically challenged).
Today, its supposed to get down to -12°C (10°F). That's going to turn all the local slopes into massive blocks of ice.
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