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race plates

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k2 stopped making (or shipping, i'm not sure which) EPBS plates this year, so I can't get my hands on any from teh company... if anyone knows any other plates of comparable stiffness (awe, heck, if anyone could help me out and list off a few different plates, i've been on epbs and energyrails, so i dont know the variety that's out there), or where i could find some old epbs, i'd be grateful. thank you very much
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Go to www.snowcountrysports.com I think they still have some older epb's laying around. they wont have them on the website, so you might want to try calling them. Snow Country is one of the best shops in western NY for race equipement. I have them do all of the work on my skis usually (especially if it is anything that involves great detail). I think they still have some 1.3's and some 1.0's. They arent the nice new fancy design that K2 is using, nor are they the nice colors K2 is using, but they are the same plate.
Good luck

PS. Also, consider Vist, Hangl/Salomon, Tyrolia, and the new Marker piston plate (only if youre using them on GS skis). I'm sure ive left a few out but they all do the same thing essentially.
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ah! forgot to add--- ionly ski on rossi bindings, and i already have some axial 140s to be mounted on whatever plate. i could have gotten some marker whateverbindingnumber on piston plates proform, but i'm not going trusting marker again any time soon... so anyway, please keep rossi bindings in mind while you give me advice! thanks again
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Try and find one of those Rossi SL plates like were on the 9S deviator. you can buy deviator skis on Ebay for really cheap and just strip the plate off them.
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Send a personal message to vitaman. He may advise you on the VIST plate.
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