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Tanja just won the SL WC

And 2 Finns to the second run in Kitzbuhel. Looks like a good day for Finland. Here in south Finland we have just recieved a 60cm dump of snow and more is comming.

Watching the women SL the cameraman showed a glimps of someone handling a pair of Head skiis. They had the same plate we are talking about, a unanomous steel plate on top and supported by two blocks of black something under the heel and the toe. Also the tip of the ski had a plastic rim to cover the tip like the on the Nordicas I saw yesterday.

BTW, not many men in the 30 best ski with Head.
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i own 4 pair of salomon race stock there are wonder full quick and solid
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FWIW, I like freeskiing on the RD 161, and it also rocks in gates (non-FIS length). This ski is in no way a weak ski-it is beefier than my Elan SLX WC in 155cm. It is better for freeskiing (more relaxing) but a little more work in the gates-stable through ruts, which we get here often (very soft snow, but not this year). I actually would love to have the SLX WC in 160cm (lighter feel) but that length isn't really made anymore. The 166cm is really too much for me-I am only 150lbs, and sure, I can ski it, but it was designed for the bigger racer in mind. It would probably work better for me with a softer plate-that VIST is pretty stout. Same with the Fischer WC SL: 161cm is nice, 166cm is just alot of ski, and FEELS long-I don't get anything out of the longer length, but lose quite a bit. I probably place a freeskiing emphasis on the performance more than most, so maybe I am not the best person to ask-I only run gates occasionally (once per week, maybe twice) and don't really race much anymore, although I am still technically oriented and trying to improve my technique on a daily basis with "directed" free skiing.
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dawgcatching - It now a few weeks since I boutht the RD 161 and although I have a bad back injury at the moment I have been able to ski some. The skiis feel really nice. Now that Im getting used to short skiis again, 2 months on 180cm powder skiis, I feel comfortable to all those quick mooves and manuvers happening. Practised on a loose slalom course yesterday made out of soft gates and I could carve through without any problems. Compared to my last years 165 iSL these are much more solid and stable. They are also stiffer and they have a much smaller turn radius. Last years skiis turn radius was 12,9 witch felt much wider than this 11.4. BTW, have you tried to remove the peace of rubber between the front and the back of the VIST plate? The ski is supposed to become softer.
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Head i sl rd question

Hey TDK6,
Nice buy after all. Congratulations!!!!
Well i am in your shoes now and i wanna buy either the head i sl rd or the atomic sl 11 m. What's your personal opinion about the head ones since you bought them? Can i ask you about the price you paid to get them without any bindings? I am asking because i want to compare prices with a local store here in greece. Well do you know any on-line shop situated in europe selling top class sl skis?

Thanks for your time and i hope you enjoy your new pair!!!!!
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Stelios, email me at tdk6@hotmail.com.
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Stelios, take a look at your own thread. I made a reply about this question. The Head is a very very good ski.
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