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Help me with bindings

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Anyone know what some good bindings are for park/free ride?...a friend told me markers are good but what kinda markers?
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can anyone help me?
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if you're looking for a park/pipe binding, the Comp 14.0 Free is the way to go. it's got a low stand height for maximum feel in the park. very nice.

for more freeride oriented skiing, i.e. big lines, high speeds, fat skis, pow, i have been very happy with a marker piston control binding. i like the 14mm plate height - it makes stiffer fat skis into DH carving weapons. the piston control does a good job of smoothing out the ski and keeping more of the edge in contact with the snow at all times. other nice side benefits: between the comshock piston and the piston control, the ride under foot is super smooth (no tired feet) and the piston controls the rebound of the ski really well - less time spent in the backseat at high speeds!
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well i am looking for pipe/park skis so i guess ill go witht the marker 14 free...thanks
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Dont go marker 14. get Look p12, rossi makes the same one buts is called power 10 i believe.

The look p12 have a better release system then the marker bindings do and the p12s are made for park/free specificlly.
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Originally Posted by Ride4627
get Look p12
Ya, what he^ said.
Look makes the best binding out there in my opinion. They have the most elastic travel to absorb sharp impacts like you'd experience in the park, which means no worries about pre-releasing. They make the P12 Jib which is for jibbing and does not come with a lifter. The standard P12 is identical but includes a lifter.
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