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Family lesson?

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Can this family take a single, form-your-own group private lesson together and have each person get something out of it? I'm guessing our needs are too different for this to work - but what do you think?

All of us ski only 1-3 times a year, a few days each time. None of us knows what to do with powder and would like to learn.

Skier A - middle-aged woman who started skiing about 10 years ago. Learned on shaped skis, reads a lot in addition to taking lessons (the old Breakthrough on Skis, R. Mark Elling's The All Mountain Skier, PMTS stuff on their website, these boards - hey, whatever works) and watches videos so knows the theory of tipping, turn shape, counter, hip angulation, etc; can ski easy blacks, wants to improve technique and gain some speed - currently slowish.

Skier B - middle-aged man who first learned years ago on the old skis. Still has too much stemming and step in his turns, doesn't much like to read about skiing, has taken a few group lessons, learns better by having specific feedback and experience. Can ski easy blacks and has more confidence or bravado than Skier A.

Skier C - teenaged daughter of A and B who outskis them both by a lot. Started skiing as a 4 or 5 year old (that's why A started). Skis fast, or at least much faster than A or B, has an effortless-looking, beautifully parallel style, somewhat bored but patient with A and B. Has skiied easy double-blacks before, but doesn't get much chance. Would like to learn more general technique and bump techniques, too.
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Skier C will think that A & B are 65 million years to late. Skier A will think that skier C is a brat and skier B is uncaring. Skier B will think that skier A is a snail and skier C is him a few years back.
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Your daughter will have a lot more fun in a group with other teens. Most areas have special groups for them. she may even end uop in a private if her abiliity is as you describe.

Then Mom and Dad can go off together in a private.
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Sidecut - what you suggest is what I thought best, too.

Pierre - ! It's more like Skier A worries that Skier C will hit a tree, lose her gloves again, or get caught in an avalanche. Skier C wishes Skier A would stop bugging her about the strap on her helmet, and says that when she gets her driver's license she can do the walking to and from the parking lot to get the car, but neither Skier A nor B buys it. Skier B sometimes thinks about how he'd rather be watching the game on TV.
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