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Ski length

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I know this is probably one of the most often asked questions, so I apologize, but I have been away from skiing for two years and am looking to get back into it, so I need to aks: what is there a rule of thumb as to ski length? Should they go to your chin, your cheekbones, your forehead... I have heard all of these before...

My only pair of skis are a beginner model I bought back in 1998 and they are 184cm long but I always thought they were/are too long for me. I am 5'7" or 5'8" and weigh about 160lbs. When I was skiing regularly [up to two years ago] I thought I'd go down to 177cm, but I keep hearing that now skis are manfactured to be skied even shorter, so maybe I should go for 170s...?

I have not checked this forum in a long time so I apologize if these questions have been asked and answered recently. If so, direct me to the the answer and I'll look it up...
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There are too many variables to consider an absolute perfect length based on the height of the skier.
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As Betaracer said, lots of variables - so there is no one magic length. Certainly not based mainly on height.

However, I think it is safe to say that the trend has been shorter over the past few years. Just to pick a few examples - at your weight & height, you might well be on a 152 Metron B5 if you chose that ski. On an Elan M666, maybe a 168. Others maybe well into the 170s. Lots of factors go into the choice - what you ski, where you ski, personal preference, ski design, etc. If you search the site, you'll find a fair number of discussions on this subject. Demo-ing is a good idea...
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Yeah, the trend certainly is going with shorter skis. I just bought a pair of SX9s this season. I am about 5'11", and I would say a pretty aggresive skier. The ski lenght I got was 170.

I do agree though that some factors to consider areyou height, ski ability, ski type, location (not necesarily in that order).
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At 6' I can ski skis from 155cm to 180cm (or even longer) depending on model and purpose. Better to go try some skis, try them in different lengths, and buy the ones that you like best.
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I'm about your size and I'm happiest with around 170cm. According to most size charts that's about what you should be looking at, it seems.
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jonnythan, I think that AB will be happier shorter than 170 given skill level and weight...
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You think so? If I were a regular skier who got out for a couple years, then was about to get in.. I wouldn't want to get something that will hamper my abilities once I get back into the groove.. especially if I were on 184s a coupel years ago.

I'm not a great skier, but I am a fairly new skier (only been doing it about 3 years) and I've been doing fine on 180cm Atomics. I learned on 160cm Rossis and quickly moved up to a 170 before I got the skis I have now.. and now I'm going back to 170.
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Yes, I do. I've been skiing for 34 seasons and have seen ski lengths go up and down. These days, I'm skiing on 162s and 165s (down from 205s and 210s). And, I weigh more and likely ski much harder. That's why I recommend it.

Again, though, it's largely about demoing the different lengths, if you can.
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I agree with ssh. I'm 6' 165 lbs and I've been skiing for a long time (30+ years). My current skis are 160's which work well for me because of how I like to ski (short radius carving) and the areas I most often ski (smaller Northeast hills). Like others have noted, there are so many variables you can't really make a blanket statement about length without more information.
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I just answered your other post. You'll want to go with the Volkl 420 in 160cm for the reasons I posted.

You don't sound like your to agressive so this should work for you.

I'm agressive and have the AX3 in 170cm I'm 190lbs and 5'11" ski 65+ days a season.
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I concur with SSH here...

I just picked up a pair of Atomic C:9s and went with a 160 cm. I am 6'0" and 155 lbs. I found I just have more fun at around this length than I do going longer...
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A good top shelf ski like an RX8, sx11, 9S, etc. would not be too short at 170 cms for 160 lbs for just about anything 99% of people would want to do on the hills.
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I just dropped from 180s to 165s and it was the best decision I've ever made. No longer riding the tails. Its made me a much more aggressive and confident skier. I'd highly recomend it to people who think they should be skiing more agressively than they are.
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Thank you all for the responses. Wow; 160cm sounds sooooo short to me!! Back when I was demo'ing a couple of years ago, I tried a pair of Solomon x-screams in 170 and they seemed short... Back then I liked 177cm... Then I moved away to a tropical island for a while and, well, now I am back.... I guess, I won't really know until I go out and try...

Since some of you wondered.... I ski only about 15 times a year, mostly in Colorado, Utah or in small hills in the midwest closer to where I live. I am not particularly "aggresive" nor fast and stay mostly on groomed. In the midwest it is often hard and icy. Don't do bumps.
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