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Expectations for Level II Test?

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I would appreciate any comments from individuals who have recently tested for their Level II certification. I'm especially interested about teaching progressions, what was expected, how they were presented to you and assigned by the examiners, and the like. Any specific details or your recount of the teaching section in specific and the entire exam in general would be appreciated (length of teaching segments, number of progressions, interesting teaching assignments). I'd also be interested in movement analysis and if that came up. I am in PSIA-C, but welcome national comments.

I'll be attending a prep class for Level II cert. but would like to hear from others on this board and their experiences. I expect to test for Level II at the end of this season.

Thanks so much,

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The general expectations should be the same for all divisions. Specific assignments and exam procedures may vary considerably from division to division. The prep you plan to take should tell you what sort of things Central's examiners are looking for/at currently. I ski regularly with the administrator for Central's alpine examiner crew, and we talk about these kinds of things. There is a continual evolution in the exam process in search of better procedures, but each season's approaches are settled upon in advance and worked into the training the ed staff does each fall. So the prep should answer your questions for you. The really important thing for you is to have full understanding. You have to own what you're supposed to know, and that's covered in the reading lists. You want to be comfortable that you can respond appropriately to any task assigned for Level II: Know what will help a student and know why it will help.
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I took and passed my Level II two years ago in the NW Division.
There were 6 candidates and two examiners. Ea candidate taught once with ea examiner. I taught beginning wedge turns in the morning and after successful completion of the task was asked to lead the candidates through it again using more of a pressure focus than steering focus. I the afternoon I taught beginning parallel in some of the worst slop I have ever skied in. This examiner followed me through my demos and had me analize the other candidates movements as they would ski down to us. There was some discussion of their movements and he had me give feedback to the other candidates from a peer perspective as apposed to a student perspective. We were actually asked to do movement analysis on our peers and to identify and the under/over used or developed skill and give a short plan for correcting the issue. The examiners did everything they could to pass us and myself and 2 others did pass. I would encourage you to make sure you do EXACTLY what the examiner asks of you wheter it be answer a question or teach a segment. I gave up looking good and asked a lot of questions so I was 100% certain what the examiner wanted from me. They will fail you if you do not give them what they ask for.
Best of luck!
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One thing I stress to people for the skiing portion, is to match your words and actions. Many people do not ski the way that they try to teach, and this shows to the trained eye. For the skiing tasks, practice everything super slow (speed hides all flaws) and you will be skiing slowly in the exam (chances are).
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I'm in PSIA-E. I passed the Alpine Level II skiing last year and hope to take the Alpine Level II teaching and technical this year. I don't know how this will relate to PSIA-C.

Make sure you have a short radius turn down cold. Also, practice your demos and be able to do them properly on command. Be comfortable in the appropriate bumps.

Recommend you do a search in the forums for "Level II Exam" You will pull up a bunch of other good information in these forums that will help you prepare.
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In Central? Oh man yur screwed. Its all political. Have you flunked enough times yet to give them enough money? Depends on which AH examiners you happen to draw. They all look for something different yah know. Some might be out to get yah for what area you come from. Such is the stuff I hear.

In all actuallity you can expect them to want you to teach a fair amount. Short times maybe 15 minutes or less and show at least three logical steps in a progression. You will be expected to keep it simple, be reasonably correct and follow the protocal of the teaching model. Emphasis may be on edging but will cover all subjects. You will be expected to show a good wedge turn, a good christe and fairly good parallel and demonstrate you know what a dynamic parallel is and can ski a reasonable approximation. You will be expected to be in balance but not necessarily in the front seat all the time. You will be expected to show efficient rotary skills and fair edging skills. You can get by with underdeveloped pressure control skills but you need to be able to recognize when pressure control skills are lacking.

That is just my take on it and it may not be right on the money for this year.
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