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Dear all,
Just discovered this excellent site,so this is my first time (be gentle!)
Basically, up until 2 years ago i had never skied the states, having been to europe 4 times.Me and the missus then went to Killington and returned again this January.My wife had never skied before but found the ski schools at K to be excellent and now she's into it big time! So after the groomed heaven of Vermont a group of us are off to Steamboat next year, and i need some advice on ski choice.
I know the conditions will be completely different to K ,so i need advice from people that know. I was recomended to try the Volkl supersport 4*,(the 5* will probably be a bit too lively at this stage - as i'm a 7 level) by a couple of instructors , but how will they cope if i get into deeper stuff out West.A friend swears by his Atomic GS 9:21 in 170 length, but again how will they perform off the groomed stuff.I basically want a level of ski that will carry me forward for the next few years, in varied conditions with the exception of the really looney deep stuff! I would appreciate any advice anyone out their can give.

Cheers all,
p.s Has anyone even seen a picture of the new Salomon Utra Heats, never mind skied them.
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From what I understand, the Supersport series is fine for up to 8" or so of powder. Any deeper, and it could be an issue. Personally, I'd opt for something at least 70mm at the waist if you're going to be in Steamboat.
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At least a 70cm waist. Look at Freeride skis(all mountain) not a race ski or detuned version of a race ski. You may want to try the Atomic R9. The bandit XX may be to much ski for you, but is would be something you could grow into. The widest waist I would think about for you is 74cm. There are a lot of 70cm waisted skis so have fun looking and demoing.

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