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Pacific Crest Snowcats

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Known also as Swayback Adventures. I have to give a word of caution.

On my last Tahoe trip, I figured I'd be a bit late for all of the best untracked lines, so as an insurance policy, I booked a day of snowcat skiing with these guys.

I called him 6 days in advance, and gave a $100 deposit.

The day before the trip, I call to confirm, and to get exact directions to the meeting point. Can't get anyone on the horn. 2 cell #'s and the main office #. Left voice mails at all.

Finally get a call back at 9:30 pm nite before cat trip, "Sorry Tom, can't take you out, the cat's down for maintenance." My stuff is packed and ready, and I'm devastated. No offer of compensation, no offer to come out on another day free or 1/2 price. Just "Good bye, good luck."

Now I'm out $$$ for a pair of Demo B3's, and super bummed.

When I researched this guy, I ignored a red flag. When you google him, he's not the top site. Another site with a review of his operation comes up 1st, and although they give a mostly positive review, they too mention mechanical woes giving them some down time.

I also spoke to someone who was supposed to go out with him as a photographer for a ski event, and he flaked out on her as well.

So just a word of caution, don't put all your eggs in this guys basket.
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That was a bummer man, although glad you got to check out Alpine Meadows. Afraid this "no compensation" for down days seems to be the way it goes in this industry. Two seasons ago a couple friends and I were at Whistler and decided to hit Sun Peaks and try their cat skiing operation. Able to book the cat skiing we got a hotel room and drove the 4 hours from Whistler to Sun Peaks only to get a message as checking in at the hotel that the Cat trip had been canceled. We did manage to talk our way into free lift tickets at the guest service desk the next day, and I ended up liking Sun Peaks

Funny, I just was reading a story on CNN that mentions the Alaska Heli ski operation these guys run. I guess it's the oldest one in Valdesz.

So, even with taht huge quiver you're still demoing more skis Add some AT gear to that quiver and start hiking to those after the storm powder stashes!
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Can't stop the madness dude, just bought some Legend 8000's. I may actually throw some freerides and skins on them babies.
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