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Buying at home or in resort ?

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I am going out to Zell Am See next month and will require a new pair of boots. I'm going to buy the new Technica Diablo Fire Hotform. In the UK (Snow and Rock) they're £319. Can anyone tell me if I buy them at the resort are they (a) likely to have them and (b) would they be cheaper.

In all what are peoples opinions on buying boots ? Is it better to buy at home or in the resort ?
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I'd buy the boots at home, if one of your local shops have what you need/want. Most people to get the appropriate fit will need to get their boots tweaked over time and it's much easier and cheaper, in the long run, to get this done near where your home area is located.
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The advantage of buying near home is that if you discover later that there are fit problems, you can get adjustment assistance from the shop where you bought the boot. I suppose you could do that at the resort if you bought them early in the week, but it might inconveniently effect your slope-time and would have to be rectified before the end of your visit. If you bought them near home would you be able to test them for a day or two at a local ski area before going to Zell am See?

Zell and the Kitzsteinhorn are quite beautiful.
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If bought in Zell Am See, can anyone say they would be cheaper (if so by how much 10%, 20% etc). Do the Intersport shops there carrying a large amount of stock ? If the difference in price is neglible then I'd buy before I went.

What I don't want to happen is to try to buy in resort and find that the prices are about the same and that they don't have the ones or the size I want.
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With this wonderful internet thing I have managed to plan what and where and at what cost to buy in Canada..... just go and look on the manufacturer website and get email addresses for dealers..... or search for shops n the resort area and do the same......
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A couple years ago I was in one of the many ski shops at the base of Schmittenhohe for rental gear. It had the usual fairly wide selection of boots/skis, etc. Sometimes resort shops put their stuff on sale in latter half of Feb (in the US anyway), so you might find a bargain, but like others have said, I'd generally recommend buying boots ahead of time to guarantee fit on a critical piece of gear.
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Hi Maxwel,
Welcome to Epic!

They will be cheaper than in Slush & Rubble. (S&R tend to sell at full list price only).
There is a fairly large Intersport on the outskirts of Zell, it has a bar in it, which I remember being in last March for a few minutes.

I'll see if I can find any more info for you.
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There are reasons for either argument. Austrian (well, generally Europe) boot fit technique is if its tight or sore, get a larger size. If you have access to a decent boot fitter at home, consider getting a good fit before you head off. This might mean you'll need to clop around at home every evening making sure everything fits before you head off. Cost, comfort and convenience must be weighed equally when making this choice. I haven't a clue who might be a decent boot fitter in Zell if you decide to get them there. The nice thing about buying at the resort is that any fit issues can be addressed at usually no extra cost, but even if you buy elsewhere, for a service fee, you can get the issues resolved also.
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