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Aspen Highlands-Highlands Bowl

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Aspen Highlands is showing stuff like Ozone closed in Highlands Bowl, but everything on the sides is open - G2, G3, G4, etc. Is this just because control work needs to be done? Are conditions as good as I think they are?
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They had a funky layer in there early and have had no time to work on it with all the new snow. 19"/24hr, 10" overnight. It might take them a little while to get the bowl open, but the skiing is great all over.

I got a bunch of "Its as good as it gets" calls last night.
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Makes sense. Too many people have died in there to not take it seriously. Even less openings today - now it looks like only the stuff near where the cat leaves is open. Fine with me though - Steeplechase is going to sick.

Speaking of sick, that's what everyone is going to be tomorrrow. It's my normal day off, but there's 4 others going as well.

And.. it just keeps coming. It's raging right now and it looks like Aspen is getting even more.

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