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Driving to New Mexico.

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From upstate NY, starting tomorrow evening. I see there is flood watch and flooding in southern OH. If I'm going to be driving across OH on I70, am I going to experience road closures?

Any suggestions on a better route?

Thanks in advance,
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I-70 completely open right now. But looks like a lot of state routes, particularly east of Columbus, are experiencing high water or flooding.

Could take I-80/90 across the northern part of the state (don't know how far off-route that takes you, obviously you have to drop south at some point!). We have some flood warnings here as well - supposed to rain all day today - but I don't *think* anything major is going to close up here....eeck! it just started thundering & the rain is coming down HARD in ne ohio!

Good luck! & have fun in New Mexico....I'm hoping to get to Taos myself later in the season!

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I got a special place in my heart for people who are crazy or broke enough to drive across the country to go skiing. I've done it three times myself via I70. You get a deeper sense of appreciation for the old saying "life's a journey, not a destination."
Looks like yahoomaps recommends taking the northerly route via 90, 80 then down 25 thru Colorado. But 70 could save you some tolls and might be a little less likely to get hit with snow.
Misc: If you're a meat eater, there a lots of relatively cheap steakhouses everywhere west of Miss river. Parts of west Kansas/east CO are so flat it's like being on a calm ocean (duh, it's a dried ocean bed). Should be no problem pulling in late somewhere and finding multiple motel options all along 70, if you don't intend to drive straight through. Borrow a radar detector if you can to embolden you to save 4 or 5 hours driving each way. New Mexican food is good, feisty stuff and a little different from generic Mexican. Seems like everything, gas/food/lodging, is cheap in MO and KS. Taos Ski Valley will live up to its tough reputation. If you're looking for a brief mid-point pit stop, the St. Louis Arch is next to the Interstate and has a free underground museum that would give your legs a good stretch (costs money and time to actually go up arch).
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I used to drive from NE PA to St Louis many, many years ago I'd go: Harrisburg > Pittsburgh > Columbus > Cincinnatti > Louisville > Evansville > St. Louis. For some reason the reverse direction, I always went St. Louis > Effingham (IL) > Terra Haute(IN), Indianapolis > Columbus > Pittsburgh ...
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Thank you all VERY much for the advice and help.

I'm not actually doing this for cost reasons (an airline ticket is cheaper than the gas these days!) but because my girlfriend is a freshman at UNM. She is driving her car out there for the second semester, and I wanted her to have some company (ahem, ski Taos) on the way out.

Talk to y'all soon.
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There's a bad ass restaurant on the road to Taos Ski Valley, about a 1/2 mile from the light on the highway. Called Tim's Chile Connection or something like that. Great, authentic New Mexico HATCH green chile. The red chile is good as well.

Have fun! And also have a green chile cheeseburger when you're out there at the resort...mmmm...
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