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Sun Valley Ski School

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Have a question regarding their ski school and logistics.
I have a stepdaughter who is 13 and would be a first time skier. Their ski area is divided into 2 mountains with different lift ticket prices. Seeing as how their lessons for level one are at Dollar Mountain while my wife and I would prefer to ski at Bald Mountain - how do people usually deal with that?
It would be okay if they offered all day group lessons, which they don't seem to, even for beginners. Their lessons seem to be for 2 hrs only unless it's a private lesson.
Kinda complicated but if others have had to deal with it I would appreciate some feedback.
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I live in Sun Valley,

and as for the lessons, when we came here for vacation when i was a child, my parents would just leave me at dollar on my own then drive to baldy. Thats when i was 4, im sure your daughter could ski on her own/with an instructor for the day.

Have fun!
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If you've skied at Sun Valley before, then you know that there's not a lot of beginner terrain there. Most of their green runs are fairly steep and not easily accessable for a first timer. I think they prefer to start newbies at Dollar because there isn't any hot shot skiers there to go flying by them, and they don't have to ferry them across some pretty intimidating terrain to get them to a green run. I don't know for sure if they have a shuttle that runs from Dollar to Baldy, but they have one that runs just about everywhere else, so it would be worth asking about. Also, you might want to consider skiing at Dollar for the morning till she's done with her class. Or you could just drive over and pick her up when her lesson is over. They must have some kind of recipricating ticket policy between the two. I'm sure they've run into this before. Also, you've got to remember that anytime you're dealing with a new skier there is going to be some inconvenience involved. I just got back from a three day ski trip with seven grandchildren, ages 3-14, plus my fifteen year old niece from Florida who's never seen snow before, so I know of what I speak.
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I think its's a great, safe place to let your 13-year-old daughter be a 'grown up' and try skiing out for herself, on her own. The great nolo, as a kid, went there with her parents and even saw a movie star riding the shame train (a/k/a bus shuttle between the two hills). Parental hint--give her a twenty, not a five dollar bill, for lattes and whatnot.
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