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High Performance Ski Boots and Clearance! --Update

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Well I am in the need for a pair of new ski boots for some racing and cruising. I am currently on some tecnica rival X7 which get the job done, but are limiting my performance. I am looking at boots just under the racing line since I want some comfort as well as performance. I was looking at Cupolo Sports and saw some of the pricing on the boots and was amazed at how low they were! I didn't feel like spending $600 on a pair of new boots at my local shop. I know how important it is to find a good fitting pair, but I am wondering if there is a way to narrow down the selection. I was looking at the: Nordica Beast, LANGE COMP 100, TECNICA ICON ALU COMP, and SALOMON CROSSMAX 10. My foot is a little wide between the arch and toes, so is there any that would fit better than others? I wear a 25.5 currently and planned on the same size. I wear a size 8.5 shoe.

If I narrow it the choices down, I might be able to try on both pairs and then choose. I know I should get the fitted, but for the price it could be worth it!


Update: Got the Tecnica Icon ALU Comp HF since I wasn't positive with the sizing on the others. Hope they will fit!! Do I have to go to the shop for the HF? If anybody wants to know, I got them for $225 shipped!

Thanks for everyones help!

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I would look seriously at the Lange Comp 120s they have for sale. The MF version is wider in the forefoot, but the ankle pocket is nice and tight. Awesome edge control with those boots. I skied on them early in the year before an incompetent bootfitter ruined them, and would go back with them in a second if Cupolo had my size. An awesome boot- especially at that price.

Different boot manufacturers have slightly different sizing. I'm larger in a Lange than I am in a Salomon or an Atomic, so try them on if at all possible.
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Would the lange 120 be to stiff? My current boot has a flex of only 60 so it would be a major difference. Many of the other boots are 95-110.

Anybody else have any suggestions?
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No one can tell you whether they would be too stiff for you, but your right it will be a big jump in stiffness. That's going to be the same with all the boots you've listed versus your current boots.

In terms of fit, assuming your current boots fit well, I think that either the ICON or the Crossmax are the way to go. I think the Lange will be too narrow and the Beast will be too wide as compared to the Rival line.
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I would strongly recommend you try the boots first before you buy (at some store somewhere). First, there is so much variance between boots. Second, the fit is too important to leave to chance. Finally, buying 2 pairs and returning one can get complicated with Cupolo Sports being in Canada (customs).
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Definately echo the fitting suggestion but Lange are historically narrow so even their MF might give you issues - try it and see but I would go with the Lange of you can. Me and all my ski buddies wear Lange for a good reason - they are awesome boots.

I have had my L10s since I was a fairly incompetent skiier and never had any issues with them even though I jumped from some entry levels to them - so a big jump in stiffness.

If comfort is a major issue, go with the 100s. The best skiier of my freinds is an ex racer and he has dropped from The 120's to the 100's (via a brief stint on the Special Edition Pinafarinas - very poor liner considering Langes rep) for the comfort factor - but the liner on the 120 is so good you'll hardly notice the different.

Anyway, don't make a decision based on what people tell you - there are no feet the same as yours and therefore you need to try the boots on.
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Second the Coach with the Icon or Crossmax recommendation. My neighbor purchased the ICON (he was skiing in a Icon model from several years ago) from Cuppolo. Very positive experience. Receved the boot very quickly . The Hot Form model they sell will require that you go to a shop and get use their Hot Form machine to mold the ankle pocket. Plus the boot doesn't come from Cuppolo with the Hot Form plug in wires that warm and dry the boot. I think this is only a $25 item.
The Icon Cuppolo is selling is the ICON Hot Form Comp. The cuff doesn't hinge open the whole way like the ICON ALU.
Its a great boot and the price Cuppolo is selling it at is tremendous. I almost bought a pair when I saw them. The Icon should fit your foot very well. I think if you downsize one size from your shoe size you'll get a good fit in the ICON.
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Well I tried on my cheap lange vector 50 and they were to narrow. I believe the "racing" line will be ever narrower.

How does the nordica fit?

Also is the crossmax 10 similar in sizing as the tecnica?

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I have the Nordica Beasts and love them. They are narrow around the ankle and have a medium fit in the forefoot. The boot has many built-in extras like a real Booster strap and Outlast in the liner.
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The Lange 120 packs a lot. If you get them make sure they are damn snug & not overly comfortable in the shop. After 10-12 days mine became sloppy. I sold them after one season. Also, Lange replaced my liners on warranty due to seepage of flo in the liners. The Lange 120MF is not that narrow like the 130(which is Low volume) or the Lange Plug, I have a very wide forefoot and they got sloppy on me!

There are many things you can do to soften the flex, notch the shell, remove the screws in the back. The lange 120 does have a nice even flex. You alos might try a 1 or 2 band Booster Strap instead of the non-elestic strap that comes on the Lange. I had boosters on my Lange 120-'s and use them on my current Salomon X2 Lab Soft.
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Well I think the langes are out since my cheapo langes don't fit that well. I am not sure about the Beast, so should I keep it on the list or not?

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I would definitely keep the Beast on the list of boots to try on. I tried on a lot of boots before buying the Beasts and found the Beasts to be one of the most feature rich boots out there.
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I have Icon Alu Comps (not the hotform), and I like them a lot.
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Anyone know anything about the Technica RX-8 Hot Forms for women? I tried a pair over the winter and liked how they felt, but didn't ski them. There's a pair on Cupolo Sports eBay list right now in the perfect size, I did bid on them but would like to know a little more.
ie. Is this a good boot choice to accompany Volkl 6*'s? I have to replace my Solomon's and would like to get a better level match.
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Since we're on the topic of high performance boots and cost........Has anyone here bought "plug" boots recently? What have you paid for them, including fitting? I know that they require a lot of work to be fitted so I'm thinking that accounts for what seemed like a high figure I was quoted recently for a pair of Lange plugs, fit guaranteed. Bear in mind I'm a cheapskate, used to proform prices so I may be out of line in thinking the figure seemed high.
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Well my research shows that the crossmax 10 is smaller in width than the beast and icon. Is this true?

Would the icon and beast be a good pick?

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Also do the crossmax and beasts sizing the same as the tecnica? Tecnica's are a size smaller than shoes sizing.

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About the Icon Alu Comp - this is my current boot. I skied about 45 days in it and i must say that although it skis beautifully and has a lot of nice adjustments it packs out (but this is common to almost all boots). What i want to say is that you should be careful about sizing when buying boots. Why? because my boots started to pack out quickly and it is not tight in the heel anymore. I buckle them up to the 3rd tooth from 5 max. I do this not because i need to buckle them tighter but for another reason. If i buckle them tighter then these boots almost cut off my circulation and this is not the most pleasant sensation...

This is not a vote against the Alu Comp but just be careful because mistakes are costly...

Regarding the other boots mentioned i think you should try on the Crossmax 10 and the Langes (because they will more then likely pack out) and also the Beast which also has a lot of features (that's what i've heared).
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I need to know in the crossmax sizing is 1 size smaller than shoes.

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It is on me.
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My new 04 TECNICA RIVAL X8 LADY HOT FORM SKI BOOTS direct from Cupolo Sports sale on eBay are on their way to my door right now. Even though skiing is done for this year (here), I can't wait to get them! I got a great boot at a great price from a great eBay seller and supporter/member of this forum!
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I tried to snag a pair of Tecnica Hot Form Comps Sunday on the Cuppolo site. Thought I had a decent chance with my max bid. Went out to cut the lawn and came back in the auction was over. I got outbid.
Great values on the Cuppolo site and its a lot of fun to bid. I'd be excited too if I had a pair coming. Bought a ski jacket on Overstock.com this week to keep the wheels of commerce turning. Some pretty outstanding savings on clothing on this site. Only 7 more months till we get another shot at skiing. I'm sure you'll have the fit dailed in by then. I was pretty curious about the dual pivot device on the Tecnica. Am I correct in understanding it can be adjusted to compensate for your alignmnet bias?That is, if you pronate , the dual pivot can be adjusted so that your forward pressure on the cuff of the boot moves the cuff outward instead of inward to compensate for pronation?
Supination would result in forward cuff pressure flexing the cuff inward? If I am correct in undersatnding how this device works,would the implications of this eliminate the need for canting strips ? I pronate and have a wedge under the instep of my footbed on the inside to assist in moving my knee center out a little bit. Would the dual pivot adjusted correctly eliminate the need to have this footbed adjustment?
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Originally posted by roundturns:
I tried to snag a pair of Tecnica Hot Form Comps Sunday on the Cuppolo site. Thought I had a decent chance with my max bid. Went out to cut the lawn and came back in the auction was over. I got outbid.
You should know better than to be mowing grass when there's a deal on ski gear to be had. Everytime I cut that stuff, it just grows back anyway, so what's the point.
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I put a link to the auction on a forum back here, too. even with the exchange rate, the prices are brilliant and it's causing some excitement. Shipping will add a bit, but the deals are still very good.
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Well the boots came and they fit pretty well. I am hoping that the hotform will help a bit with the fit!

Thanks for all the help!
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Need BB -

Which boots did you end up getting?
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I got the icon alu comp hot form. It is a little tight in two areas but I am hoping the hot form will compress making it more comfortable. Aside from these areas the boots fit well! I plan on bringing to the local ski shop in the fall to have the fitter tweak the settings and hit.
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