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Stowe and Sugarbush this weekend

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Heading up to Stowe and Sugarbush this weekend with my schools ski club from PA. Never been to any mountains bigger than say..... 7 springs or holiday valley but I can ski all the terrain in PA including at the knob. Anyone have any advice as far as what to hit? How are the conditions up there? Better than here I'm sure. Also what can I expect as far as crowds. Sorry for all the questions but this is going to be a new experiecne for me and I'd like to make it as enjoyable as possible.

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As far as Bush...Anything off of the Castlecock chair is world class. Over at Sugarbush North, ski Upper FIS. Make sure you ride the Slidebrook Chair, its a great ride. As a first timer up "up north" have fun.

If you can steal away from Bush...Mad River Glen is right up the road
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I wish I could. Unfourtuantely its a school trip so Im gonna have to stay put at stowe on saturday and bush on sunday. How are the coniditions up there?
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-- the word for this weekend will be cold and FIRM-

skiing last weekend was pretty good -- the groomers had been well mowed - and there was 6" of new to groom in to make the surfaces pretty good- ungroomed was dodgy, some nicve soft turns but plenty of boilerplate-

so tomorrow we get a shot of warm, moist air, maybe some snow and some freezing rain- it doesn't sounds like tons of moisture, but it will breifly soften the surfaces-

the COLD (coldest of this winter) comes in hard on Friday, setting up those soft surfaces pretty hard- tune is you know how, it should be turnable, but I doubt we will have soft , quiet surfaces.

waerr all of your layers- could easily be below zero when you head out Sunday morning---

have FUN- they are beautiful places to ski---
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You're going to be skiing two of the best mountains in the east. Unfortunately most of the extreme terrain is closed. Off piste skiing will be off limits due to lack of natural snow. But there will be plenty of good skiing to sample compared to what you are used to. Just for kicks make sure you peak down Goat and Starr at Stowe. They will be closed but it should confirm to you why the front four are famous. Have fun and dress warm.
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Thanks all for the advice.

I'll be back Monday to write up a report to tell you how it was.
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It's snowing lightly at the Bush right now, but that's supposed to take a horrible turn this afternoon...then will be warm (but no precip hopefully) tomorrow, with snow tomorrow night and cold on Friday. All of that is a set up for firm and fast on the weekend.
Most school groups get dropped off at Sugarbush North (Mt. Ellen) which has some great terrain. From there you can take the SlideBrook Chair over to Lincoln Peak. Castlerock isn't open right now and not likely to be that way by the weekend, but there's great skiing off of Heaven's Gate Chair and the fun trails over by Valley House (Twist, Moonshine, Mall) have all still been skiable.
Sorry - haven't been up to Stowe lately, but I think their conditions are comparable right now.
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Stowe was in pretty sweet shape yesterday. TThey've made a LOT of snow in the last week or so. Enough that they have finally begun work on the pipe and park. I think it'll still be in good shape this weeked.
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Cold, hard and fast. Prepare for all three.
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