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America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride

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June 6, around Lake Tahoe (72 miles). Option for a century with a detour out toward Truckee. It's a great ride - can't beat the views - and you can crank or take your time.

I'll bump this as it gets closer; and I'll see you on the century.

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sounds fun!
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Any shops you'd feel comfortable shipping a bike to?

June 6th? Is that enough time for a meltoff or will these be the order of the day?
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I don't know whether or not you'll need those but I sure like the looks of 'em.

I last did the ride in '97 and it was pretty brisk when we started out but warmed into superb biking weather with your basic brilliant blue skies. I do remember that my brother and I drove out to Alpine Meadows and there was still a good portion of snow on the ground.

If you like 'em, there're a couple pretty good climbs, and if you don't, hey, what goes up...

In fact, the ride concludes with a nice downhill swoop into Zephyr Cove.
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Sounds like a great ride. I've been looking for an early summer century. Let the planning and scheming begin!
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another great ride

How about this ride to end the season?

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i like.
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What kind of disassembly are we talking about to ship a bike in a hard case? As I understand it, it's not necessary to remove anything except wheels and pedals, plus accessories. Reassembly may include a quick tune, to check alignment of the derailleurs and rims (wheel true-ness), cable tension, etc. Am I missing anything?

Should be easy enough to do yourself, given time on arrival and a certain competence. I'm sure local shops are happy to help with shipping logistics and anything else.

These two rides look awesome!
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I have a CrateWorks case and have rented a Trico Sports case. Both required only minimal dissembly... seatpost/saddle, pedals and wheels removed, as you noted. stem loosened to allow handlebar to nestle in next to frame. pad judiciously.
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Moonshadows in Moab

The century in Moab looks awesome.

But I think I like this one even better!

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The website says 6/6/04, not 05. If it's that Sunday (6/5/05) it conflicts with the USPRO championship in Philadelphia, and I've only missed one in 20 years. Do folks in Tahoe ever ski a.m., ride p.m.?
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