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Lou Dawson's Colorado High Routes

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damn fine book, especially for 10 cents at a thrift store in the fairfax district last night.

that government trail from buttermilk to snowmass looks like a nice little intro to schlepping rather than sliding for a soon-to-be-into-it like me.
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yeah, the angle being buttermilk's where i had my first ski day.
my first tele day from there'd be nice, too.
and i could finally tip caparrella.

be well, N.
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It's groomed double track classic/skate now. Skates the way to go if you have the skills. It skis a little better from Snowmass back to Buttermilk.
If a controlled schlep is what your looking for there is a skin track back up Highland bowl from the bottom of the G zones.
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