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Elan Whistler 6.0

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A few years back Elan introduced an all-mountain ski called the Whistler. It had a turned up tail, a 70mm waist, and was apparently targeted at the younger adventurous skier. It didn't do well in the market. I suspect it's thunder was stolen by cooler twin-tip rides like the Salomon 1080. I came across a pair of Whistler 6.0's (168cm) locally and was wondering if it would be good all-rounder for the relaxed upper-intermediate skier (I'm 6ft, 170 lb). Any opinions? Cheers.
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Topsheet looks like a stylized tiger claw silhouette ('01/'02) or is it faux-stone print in a battleship grey pallette ('02/03)?

I would look around for an '02 Whistler 7 or an '03 Whistler 8 or higher (I seem to remember a Whistler X at one point) and size it over 170cm. Even with a 110/71/94 (or whatever it was) sidecut, I don't think these were meant to be skied shorter than 170cm by someone like you or me.

Relaxed? Well they could be skied that way, I guess, but the feel is far livelier and more direct than a 1080 (not really proper comparison) or an Xscream. The GF still enjoys her '03 Whistler 8s ( the unisex not the feminine Whisper 8) in 168cm for anything east coast except glare ice.
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175 vs 168

Hey, with a name like Comprex you must a true fan of Elan skis. Thanks for the feedback on the Whistler. The model I am thinking of is the Whistler 6.0. I expect it to be middle-of-the-road as far as stiffness, performance etc. I'm thinking the 168cm length could feel a tad short. My regular ride is the user-friendly Dynastar Troublemaker, with the stiffer K2 Axis X for carving up the groomers, both in 175cm. At 168, the Whistler is only 2-1/2" shorter, but as you know it's not the length that's critical. I had a blast on my Salomon Scream 10 Pilot in 184cm, then switched to the Volkl G3 in 176cm. I ended up selling the G3 because I found I prefer a more easy-going ride.
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