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Park City Avo

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Heard throught he grape vine that there was a large avalanche off Mt Jupiter at PCMR
Has anyone heard anything more about this?
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No i have not heard anything about this . Did they say that this was an inbounds Avalanche? I can see the backside of Jup slipping as the raod back there is used for snowmobling and it is very open and treeless in large sections. They do a lot of Avaalanche control. I hear the bombs every morning. There have been some slids on Pincone ridge. a hike to part Of PCMR i'll turn on the local news and see what they say .
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It may or may not be related, but here's an excerpt from this morning's Wasatch Avalanche Report (paid for, complied and published by the National Forest Service, btw ).

I added the italics just for emphasis.

************************************************** *****

Avalanche Conditions:
Yesterday, avalanche control teams released numerous very large and dangerous avalanches. Some seasoned professionals reported that these ran as big as they can remember. Many fracture lines measured 6 feet in depth. Yesterday the Provo area mountains took the brunt of the precipitation and not surprisingly came unglued with large, natural avalanches running in most of the visible avalanche paths.

So in other words, it’s pretty simple. It’s still hitting the fan out there and you should stay out of the backcountry. We have buried weak layers and they are creaking and groaning under all this new weight. Traditional backcountry stability tests won’t do you much good in these conditions. As our lead backcountry observer often comments, getting on steep slopes is like using the Dirty Harry principle: do you feel lucky?

************************************************** *
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I did see that the Provo Canyon road was closed becuse of a controled release that hit and covered part of the road.
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I heard in the morning meeting that somewhere on park city ridge went huge. We had all kinds of big results this morning from control work. This kind of snow scares me, if you take a ride in 3% fluff you just swim on the top, this stuff would be like cement getting poured on you.
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The dog leg chutes unleashed an Avy with a 9 foot crown during the storm. There are some great pictures on
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I was at PCMR on Sunday, and there was a big slide on West Face (Jupiter Peak area) that was released by avalanche control that morning. It was deep - 4 or 5 feet - and fairly wide. It ran from the ridge down to the lake by the base of the lift.

They opened the area to skiers early that afternoon, and I skied in that area. The chunks left over from the slide were very solid, as the snow was heavy and compacted from the wicked winds of the previous 3 days (gusts to 80+). Skiing across the debris field was really dodgy, as the slabs were rather large and solid. Many tall pines were wiped out by the slide, so the cleanup come spring will be quite involved.

The non-affected snow was heavy due to a high snow line (it was raining at the base of PCMR that day, with the snow line around 7,500'), but quite skiable, with good "kick" at the end of the turn.

I'm not surprised that there was slide activity there, though. Here's a rendering of where the slide was (a quick Photoshop of the official PCMR trail map):

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Thanks, I was wondering where the slide path was.

I head that a guy got swept off a chair by an avalanche in Nivada a day ago. There were whitness statements from people 2 charis back.

Not fun.
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