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Winter is Coming to the Mid-Atlantic!

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Bring it!

Severe Weather Alert from the National Weather Service

Temperatures Over Much Of The Mid Atlantic Region Have Averaged 15 To 25 Degrees Above Normal For The Past Couple Of Weeks. This Unusual Stretch Of Warm Temperatures Has Resulted In Some Daily High Temperature Records Being Established Since The First Of The Year... Along With Some Highest Minimum Temperature Records. Record Highs Are Once Again Possible Wednesday And Thursday.

However... A Significant Change To Well Below Normal Temperatures Will Arrive Late This Week. A Strong Arctic Front Is Expected To Sweep Southeast Through The Mid Atlantic Region Late Thursday Afternoon Into Thursday Night... With A Second Reinforcing Blast Of Even Colder Air To Arrive Over The Weekend.

Daytime Temperatures This Weekend Are Not Expected To Rise Out Of The 20s To Lower 30s Along And West Of The Blue Ridge... With Readings In The Mid 30s To Around 40 Across The Piedmont. Overnight Low Temperatures Are Expected To Fall Into The Single Digits Across The West... With Readings In The Teens Across The East. Persons Should Be Prepared For The Abrupt End To Unseasonably Warm Temperatures That The Region Has Experienced During The Past Couple Of Weeks And Take Appropriate Action To Deal With A Return To Cold Winter Temperatures By This Weekend.

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"Take Appropiate Action To Deal With A Return To Cold Temps....."

That's make snow isn't it ?
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It means put away the lawnmower!
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OMG, cold weather for us!?! Wow, maybe the resorts will be able to get a little snow on the hills before the season is over... I'm not holding my breath though.
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Bring it on!
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I think we're going to be OK and the article in SkierPress Mag is very encouraging that the weathern pattern we're going into maybe enduring for awhile. Being a "weekend" warrior I am hopeful that the snowmaking can start as early as Thursday night instead of Friday night. It will take at least 2 solid days to get a base back that is skiable.so Sat. skiing will be dependent on when temps finally plumment. The good news is we're finally going to get some winter back!
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Thank the lord! It's Jan. 12 and I'm still waiting to make the first turns. I even picked 2 blooming dandelions in the yard today. Lets hope it's here to stay!!
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High School is becoming unbearable without the occasional snow day!!!!!!

Bring that white stuff on!

At this point I don't care what the conditions are as long as its not raining!!!:

Not to mention my trip to 7Springs got canceled this weekend due to Uller being a moron and not evenly distributing snow throughout the entire country.

What is up with the Heavenly area getting 11 feet and we get 11 inches.......of rain!
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