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Atomic R:EX vs Stockli Stormrider DP?

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Hi, folks, if you can help me out with some advice here, it would be much appreciated. First, I am considering breaking the cardinal rule of never buying without demo'ing, but the deals I have found on these two skis makes this very tempting. The price is about the same, so it's not a factor in my buying decision. Both skis would provide me with a little more underfoot than my current "all mountain" K2s, making powder days just that much more fun. The R:EX is available in 176 cms, while the Stormrider is 171 cms. I am 5'7", 165 lbs, and a level 8. I would probably describe myself as more of an athletic than a finesse skier. The boards would be put to use most often in Alta/Snowbird and Jackson Hole. While I am after better float, I do tend to find myself in the trees a lot so the quickness of these wider boards in tight situations is a bit of a concern. The R:EX is narrower (84 mm vs 91 mm) but the Stormrider is shorter, so does this equal out performance wise? Any guidance you can provide based on your experiences with these skis would be very helpful in pushing me in one direction or the other. Cheers!
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I can't speak for the Stormrider, but the R:Ex is not a powder ski. It is an upper end mid-fat. Since it is a relatively stiff ski the tips have a tendency to dive in deep powder, not a good characteristic if you're looking for a powder specific ski. The R:Ex is really an all mountain ski with bias towards off-piste skiing. I'm about the same height but about 10 lbs lighter and about the same level skier. I really like the 168cm length of the R:Ex. In fact I liked it so much I bought it. It is very versatile. With the 176cm it would definitely be harder to rattle off the quick turns but it'd have better float in the powder. Do a search for the Stormrider but the 171cm length would probably be better for your height and weight and you won't sacrafice much floatation due to the wider width.
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I have skiied the older (orange) Stockli in a 171 and found it to be a great ski in the slop and piles. I did not ski it in powder so I'll limit my comments.

I'll take a Stockli over any ski that I have been on .... call it a cult or borderline religion .... when the conditions are icy you will not regret the change from a cap to a lay-up ski.
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