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I have emailed them before & received no reply
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For those who haven't followed the thread, my first Surefoot orthotics made last week were completely painful and difficult to ski on....

Okay so I went back to the store today, and a different person was there: the manager this time, Chuck Meyer. He was very helpful and very friendly. He took a look at the footbed and started by doing some grinding to lower the arches. It felt better but still lumpy. He then mentioned that with my flatter feet, even by looking at the footbed he could tell it didn't look right.

So we did a new scan. He positioned my legs, knees and feet VERY DIFFERENTLY from my first visit when the other guy did it. I knew right away that it was going to produce a very different resut. On top of this, he instructed me to put equal weiht on both feet (the foot on the scnanner and the other one) whereas the first guy told me to only apply enough weight to keep the scanner foot in place. The positioning was different.

The first guy had my knee way BEHIND my heel, this guy adjusted my leg and knee to a certain position that seemed very careful and dilberate: it was more of a skiing type position. The position of the foot NOT being scanned was also entirely different from the first time round: this time it was nearly level, but just a little behind the scanner foot, with EQUAL weight on both as mentioned.

THE RESULT: MUCH more comfortable when I put on the first (left) boot. Very good. I put on the right boot and WOW!! COMPLETE comfort. I couldn't even feel that there was an orthotic inside, which is what one website said it would be like.

The left foot was not quite as comfortable, I could feel the arch pressure. We talked for a while and decided tI should ski on it and see.

The beauty of Surefoot is I can go skiing tomorrow at Mammoth and visit the Mammoth store after skiing if I need to.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! In my right boot especially: complete and total comfort: what feels like a PERFECT fit.

(L7 yes the original footbeds were still uncomfortable outside the boot).

So there you have it: the same store, the same system, but two different operators resulting in COMPETELY different results.

I will report back once I've done some skiing.

DISSKI: ( a fellow Aussie!!) Sorry to hear Surefoot has pulled out of Australia: that does make their warrnaty difficult but even more so you can't go back and have things mdified until you go overseas!!! I am positive that headquarters does NOT wwant ANY unsatisfied customers. I was going to complain to them myself until this recent new visit with diferent results. Find the phone number and make the international call: its a LOT less than sucking up the big bugs you would have been charged. Let us know how it goes....

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I'm going to spend next week in the White mountain region of New Hampshire. Would like to know if anyone out there can recommend a good boot mechanic to do a pair of orthotics for me, and maybe some slight shell modification?

Thanks in advance,
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