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Tahoe roads

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From my last post, (thanks for the great responses), I got the feeling that the road around the west shore up to the north shore areas will not likely be open in the near future. Since I'm staying in south lake, what about going around the other way? Is it a ridiculously long dirve. I really want to ski those areas and don't mind driving, (my "home" area is 1.25 hrs), and I've rented a 4wd.
Thanks as always Bears!!
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I'm not sure about the West shore roads, but the east shore between South Lake and Incline Village should be fine. You've probably got about a 30 minute drive to Incline and then another 40 or so to Alpine or Squaw, a bit more to Sugar Bowl, a bit less to Northstar. That's assuming normal road conditions, adjust accordingly if the roads are in bad shape. I find NV does a pretty good job of getting the roads cleared.
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I was in South Lake tahoe last January skiing Squaw and staying in South Lake Tahoe during a pretty good dump (18"). During the morning we had driven the pass - past emerald bay. But by the time we were ready to leave squaw we didn't feel it would be a smart idea to go back that way so we went the long way like you are suggesting. Ski rick is about right with his time table. It is about twice as long but the roads are better - not as narrow, twisty or with some of the large, vertical drops. But keep in mind that was with 18" I can only imagine what it is like there righ know. I do believe there is at least one tunnel going the way you are suggesting. You should make sure it is open before you venture out.

Another idea is to take the ferry, I don't have specific information about this but I know others who have done it to ski squaw while staying near Heavenly. I don't know what the time tables are for transport, but I am sure there is a number to call and find out that info.

Good luck and enjoy!!!!
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yes - Ferry - i was going to suggest that. check this out.

Tahoe Queen Winter Ski/Snowboard Shuttle
Lake Tahoe's Waterborne Ski Shuttle (no chains required).

Tuesday - Friday
Starting January 20!

Map of Tahoe Region

Stay in South Lake Tahoe, ride to the mountain in a luxury coach, ski and ride the legendary terrain of Squaw Valley USA, and then return on Lake Tahoe's sparkling waters with a live band, dinner and plenty of apres' ski fun aboard the Tahoe Queen. Buses pick up at several South Shore lodging properties.

Tahoe Queen Shuttle Package
Deluxe Skier/Boarder Shuttle - $129 per person


Ground transportation from select south shore hotels to Squaw Valley USA.
An all day lift ticket to Squaw Valley USA
The evening return cruise with apres' ski party featuring live music and drink specials, plus a sumptuous buffet dinner.
Return bus ride to your South Lake Tahoe hotel.
Non-Skier/Boarder Shuttle (no lift ticket)- $89 per person

Includes everything in the Deluxe Package, just without the lift ticket.

This is the perfect way to spend a day even if you don't want to ski or snowboard at Squaw Valley. Spend the day ice-skating or snowtubing on top of the mountain, cross country skiing in the meadow, shopping or enjoying one of the many activities at Squaw Valley. Note: these activities are an additional charge.

For advance reservations, call
1-800-23-TAHOE (1-800-238-2463)

You can also visit laketahoecruises.com for more information
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The drive around the east shore shouldn't be bad. 4 wheel drive will be helpfull. just dont think you cn drive fast and stop in the same distance.
Wed weather is calling for mostly sunny in the area.
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i cant say which is best, as i dont know the distances; but you have a few options:

1. take the east route around the lake. i defnitely recommend this over the west route(west side goes up pretty high). theres only a short stretch of about 5 miles between spooner pass and emerald bay that may be closed due to bad weather; but the road is in great shape. i'd recommend trying this 1st.
2. the long way. hwy. 50 to 395 to i80. better kept roads, but not during a storm.
3. the back, long way. 207 to 395 to i80. 207 goes by the nevada side of heavenly. i remember it being not as steep, less windy and better protected, so it may be the best way to get out in storms. someone else will have to verify if its an easy road as i only took it twice.
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Thanks everyone! Looks like I can get to the North Shore, either drive or bus/boat. That option sounds good for a great day and dinner cruise. Got to admit, I've never taken my skis on a boat before.
Really looking forward to this trip; as you know the Northeast is really bad! This may be the worst I've seen in my 43 years of skiing. We're still using the rock skis.
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Squaw snow totals since 12/28

Um, yeah. Hwy. 89 on the W. Shore will be closed.

Squaw Valley USA
2004|2005 Snowfall Tracker

(inches - as of 6am) SEASON CUMULATIVE TOTALS (inches)
6200' 8200' 6200' 8200'
Jan 11, 2005 10-12" 14-16" 157 275
Jan 10, 2005 1-2" 3-5" 145 259
Jan 9, 2005 8-10" 12-14" 143 254
Jan 8, 2005 12-18" 14-18" 133 240
Jan 7, 2005 1" 1" 115 222
Jan 6, 2005 0-1" 0-1" 114 221
Jan 5, 2005 1" 113 220
Jan 4, 2005 1" 113 219
Jan 3, 2005 1-2" 113 218
Jan 2, 2005 3-4" 8-10" 113 216
Jan 1, 2005 10-12" 12-18" 109 206
Dec 31, 2004 18" 18-24" 97 188
Dec 30, 2004 12-14" 24-26" 79 164
Dec 29, 2004 1-2" 3-6" 65 138
Dec 28, 2004 1-2" 2-3" 63 132
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looks like east+west 89 are closed: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/hi.htm. -put in 89. that could change quickly with highs in the 40's+sunny though.
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Don't count on W. Shore being open

89 on the west shore of Lake Tahoe is typically closed in winter. Don't count on it being open.
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