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Okemo daytrip tactics

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I'm planning a short trip to Okemo the week after MLK, staying over Thursday / Friday nights and skiing Friday / Saturday Jan 20 / 21. The only other time I skied Okemo I was with a large group that rented a condo and we didn't even go into the base lodge - but I hear its a zoo. This time I have a small group (2 dads + 2 kids) -- and with anticipated cost / benefit for slopeside condo v. off-site hotel, I suspect we'll be off-site and just head over first thing in the a.m.

Any suggestions? Should we (can we) park at Jackson Gore or Solitude to avoid the main base area? If we do park at Jackson Gore, how much time should we allow to get from South Face, where I bet we'll end up skiing to avoid crowds, back over to JG at the end of the day? Should we ride the shuttle up from hotel in Ludlow to avoid parking hassles? (I'd prefer to drive though to have access to alternate skis in the car).

Thanks in advance.
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What's the point of parking and starting on the opposite side of the mountain?

If you want to ski South Face all day then why not park at the main base lodge?

You only need to deal with the crowd at the beginning, during lunch, or end of the day.

If you get to the main base lodge 30-45 minutes before the lifts load you will not have an issue.
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I used to day-trip Okemo when I lived in Woosta. Here's a tip. Accidentally lose your friends and ski solo in the singles lines all day. You'll get in twice as many runs :-)

Just kidding. Like any crowded mountain on a weekend day, get there before the lifts start and get on the lifts and start skiing within 15 minutes of when they start running. Ski the most popular lift for the first hour then get lost somewhere further up or off to the side during the peak from 9:30-12:00.

Well even if you are in a group, you might check out the singles line and split up and meet back at the top if it looks like it's moving faster.
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Scalce - agreed, my only question was "is there a point," i.e., is base lodge so bad the extra inconvenience of JG is worth it. Sounds like it isn't.

learn - you're preaching to the converted. My prior experience at Okemo was MLK weekend last year. I was with a group of 7, we hit the main quad at 8 am, then when it got busy moved on or we'd all go into the singles. More often than not a couple of us would be placed on togehter and we'd all meet at the top within 2 minutes.
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Here's a reason to use the Jackson Gore side as a base. Season before last we waited about an hour in a super long line at the end of the day, not for a lift, but for a shuttle bus ride to our car which was several lots away. At JG there aren't as many lots and they are closer to the lifts.

One thing to bear in mind for Okemo tactics are the morning and evening traffic jams getting through Ludlow. If you find a place north of town you can avoid these, but I don't think there's a lot of places in that direction until you get up to the Special K neighborhood.

It's no problem getting back to JG at days end. I thought we were screwed last year when we missed the last lift to the top, but you can ski over from the bottom of solitude very easily.

We usually stay at an inn in Chester about a 15 minute drive to Okemo, closer to Magic, and about 20 or so minutes to Stratton.
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So I guess if you are an early riser, which I am, you will not have an issue with the main base lodge.

If you wake up late or arrive late then I guess JG is better.

Personally I don't think it's worth it to park at JG and then go all the way across the mountain to ski on South Face.
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Hook up with Max Capacity, he is an Ambassador there. When we rented a condo at Okemo we did at Solitude and it worked out great.
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