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Squeeky snow.
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Originally Posted by wbroun
You're so right, Jstraw. Anything below 0F is strictly for idiots.
What are you talking about? This is a winter sport! That's what they make winter gear for. I've skied at -25 C (about -10 F), and been comfortably warm. It's all in how you dress.

I second the chemical handwarmer and footwarmer suggestion. Warmers under your toes and in the back of your gloves will help immensely. Also, if you're struggling to keep your core warm, toss a couple of them into the inside pockets of your ski jacket.

One advantage to skiing when it's cold is that the slopes aren't crowded. There's no reason that you can't ski comfortably at -30 C with the appropriate gear (which has been identified in this thread).
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Originally Posted by wbroun
You're so right, Jstraw. Anything below 0F is strictly for idiots.
I disagree with this. With some common sense concerning taking of frequent breaks and the layering methods already discussed in this thread, you should be able to ski just about any temperature at which the resort will even run the lifts. I've been out in -40 temps several times (both with and without the windchill), and it can actually be enjoyable.
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
What are you talking about? ... I've skied at -25 C (about -10 F), and been comfortably warm.
That's 'cus you're a Canuk. You guys are wired differently.
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Below zero was pretty much the norm for New England skiing for much of last January and February (2004). With wool blend hot chilly's, a second top layer, insulated shell/suit, and helmet it was perfectly comfortable. ...would have been sitting out a lot of days waiting for warmer temps...
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Sac up! You are making Washington skiers look like wimps.
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Light weight skiing gear

-17 to -18 Celsius (around 0 Fahrenheit) is actually a pleasant temperature to ski at. I would actually debate whether to wear my midlayer at that point. -23 on the weekend (around -10 F) wasn't too bad either. I cut it short after about 5 hours, but that was largely because of the light, not the cold. Of course for us Canucks, when that temperature approaches 0 (32 F), it's time to start considering skiing nekkid.
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It's do-able dawg, just bring everything ya got.

Hotronics might not be a waste of $$$.
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Originally Posted by Lucky
Sac up! You are making Washington skiers look like wimps.
Whattaya mean LOOK like wimps. We define the term when it comes to weather. When it gets into the 40's people begin to complain about the cold and when it gets above 75 we're bitching because it's too hot. Many skiers take a powder when it gets below 20F.

Thanks for everyone's help. I need to get a couple of things, but when I started looking through my stuff I found a lot of cold weather gear that hasn't seen use in decades. I'll look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy but I'll be warm enough. Also the weather report has begun to mitigate a bit. Highs of 15F, which is cold in my part of the world, but is balmy compared to what I was first looking at.
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Originally Posted by xdog1
It's do-able dawg
Careful, careful. Be aware when you call a Washingtonian a dawg you mean he or she is a UW Husky. If they were a WSU Cougar you could be in deep doo doo. I'm neither, I'm a WWU Viking, so you lucked out on that one.
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And getting colder...

Mayo, Yukon is sitting at an incredible -50C right now. That converts to -58F! No wind chill required! Maybe that's what's pushing all of the Pacific systems down to California. :
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I have skied at temps as low as -45F and had a good time. Skied many times in temps between 0 and -30F and it is no big deal if you are dressed properly. Todays great technical clothing is great and makes this possible.

First thing is an outer layer of gore tex. Jacket should have a good collar and hood...very important at very cold temps and windy days. Layering is works and I find that the retro wool garments are the warmest for base layers.

Here is what I have for cold days:

Patagonia Primo jacket and pants
Smartwool merino wool t neck
Patagonia R3 radiant fleece
North face windfleece vest (large enough to fit over the fleece)
Patagonia expedition weight pants for base layer
Patagonia capilene mid weight crew neck
Patagonia wool hat that fits comfortably under my hood
Merino wool socks
Merion wool sock liners

Some people have said that skiing in the cold is crazy but I have had some of my best days in the extreme...and no lift lines.
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Forgot to add a balacava - Mountain Harware and it is poly.

Don't forget goggles...you lose heat thru your eyes and cold temps dry them out quickly.
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Originally Posted by slider
Squeeky snow.
Nice forumla. What about water evaporating in the wind? I'm trying to figure out a wind chill for 130 mph on the bike at 33 degrees in soaking wet leather.
But Ocifer i had to ride that fast so I could get home before I caught hypothermia!
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Originally Posted by pheft
I know I need a face mask, but does anyone have other ideas to help? I'm praying that the forecasts will change and it won't be so bad, but I need to prepare.
Ski bumps all day. This helps me more than anything. You may even have to take face mask off. ;-)

But start with the mask. I've got frostbite on the nose and cheeks from a day like this, because I was too lazy to ski to the lodge and buy a mask.
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Instructions for skiing on cold days:

Go to Artic
Find polar bear
Borrow coat
Go skiing
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