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Therasin Sports on eBay

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First let me start off by saying I am in no way related to Therasin Sports nor am I being paid to advertise for them. I am a satisfied customer who likes to share good experiences I have with on-line vendors.

That being said, I wanted to let you know about an eBay store that I recently dealt with and want to recommend them to you. The eBay store is "Therasin Sports". I don't know all that much about the markup in ski equipment, but from what I can tell Therasin has outrageous deals on a lot of different goods -- mostly Head and Solomon.

The product I purchased was a new set of Head World Cup TR boots (03/04 model year). MSRP was listed as $575 and I verified this by looking up the reviews from that year. I got them in the "buy it now" store for $120, which is about 70% off! Even better, shipping is a reasonable $12 (as you probably know, most eBay vendors charge ludicrous s/h charges).

I have never bought boots on-line before so I sent a number of emails to Therasin asking about their policies. The 3 emails I sent were all responded to within 24 hours and the person was very courteous and did not tell me to bug off. I was told that I would gladly have my boot purchase returned or refunded within 14 days if I did not like how they fit. This made me feel a lot better about this on-line purchase.

After using the "buy it now" option, I paid immediately for them with Paypal. The boots showed up on my doorstep 2 days later (apparently shipped from Utah -- I live in AZ). Now that's some great service.

I am not sure what other equipment Therasin sells, but if you are considering buying anything from them I recommend the store whole-heartedly. And if you want good prices on ski equipment, they are worth checking out.

BTW - I got the chance to use the boots last week for a quick 1-day ski trip and am very satisfied with them. I will post a review after my ski stip to Telluride at the end of January.

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Bought skis and boots from them. They are great. Good thing too is that up to now, their service is still superb. I used to like Cupolo but as their name recognition increased, their service greatly suffered. I ended up stop buying from them. For Therasin, not the case (so far). Now if they have some cheap Atomic B5 to buy (yeah right...good luck finding those in stores).
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Another satisfied customer

I picked up some Head ECT 9 boots from them before Christmas on Ebay. Great service, quick delivery to my mother-in-law's house. The only problem was I had to wait until we visited her in Florida to pick up the boots and avoid the inevitable hassles of Canadian customs on any mail order items.

I got involved in a bidding war but still ended up buying them for about 30% of srp.
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I have bought about 3 things from skis to bindings with Therasin and every transaction has been seemless. I look for their stuff when browsing Ebay and I am never worried about bidding on thier stuff.
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