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Ok. I know alot of you have been waiting for this. It's been delayed at first because 2 intrawest employes called all of our sponsors, then strong armed them to donate goods that were to be sold with the money going to the Canadian Assoc for Disabled Skiing. The said that ITW would reconsider their orders from each company if they supported this test. We figure it cost CADS about 25-30K in donations. And ITW fired those 2 employees. But they were scapegoats.

Seriously ITW killed the first section of the test. But there was hope. Tomorrow starts the NSIA 06 model ski show here in Tremblant. I have my testers ready with the booklets. The results will be up next week.

Now my test booklets have 4 questions that need answered about each ski. But also there is 2 question that are being asked of each rep concerning customer service and warranty returns.

The test results will be on

This way you all will be given the knowledge of how each ski performs, and of what the warranty problems you may face with each ski company.

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