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Telluride Lift Tix

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I'm going to be in Telluride for 2 days in late Feb. The window price on Lift tix is $74 :

Anyone know how I can go about getting a discount? Do they offer PSIA discounts (I won't have a letter, since I'm not employed this winter, but I have my card).
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You can save a bit by buying lift tickets online, but your best bet is the discounted lift tickets available through the hotels. Here in Ouray you can get vouchers for $43.00 lift tickets I believe.
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Give the ski school a call. They can tell you if your PSIA card is enough. Seems each resort has different requirements.

Alta, No PSIA discount for me.
Snowbird, all I had to do is show an active PSIA card.
Vail, Our group rate was better than the PSIA discount
Brighton, discount but I had to get my ticket at the ski school, not general tickets. No letter needed
Solitude, just flash the PSIA card at any ticket window

and so on.

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Don't know if this will help, but if you stay in a surrounding town (Ridgeway, Ouray, Rico) you can get 1/2 price tickets, along with your cheaper accomodations, but you have to drive for 30-45 minutes to get to T-ride. On the other hand, if you stay in T-ride you don't need a car, but you also don't get a discount on tickets.

An old ski bum trick it to talk to the housekeeper at your hotel. Guests often leave multiple day tickets in the rooms with some days left on them when they split town, although in T-ride most of the housekeeping staff speak Spanish.
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Thanks all.

Mudfoot, I'm staying right at the hill. But that doesn't mean I can justify $74 for a lift ticket.
Anyone else have any specific knowledge?
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John, does being a Lv III instructor get you anything?

$74 -- to Hell you ride at that price. straight to yuppie Hell.

say "Irie, Jah" to Rasta Stevie if you see him. :
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John: Check with your hotel. I know that there is a reduced rate ticket (about $15 or $20 off) that Telluride hotels give guests if they are not on a package deal, but I don't know the specifics. It may not apply to your situation.

Gonzostrike: I believe that Rasta Stevie lives in Durango now, although you may still catch him shredding the Spiral Stairs with his dreds flying on occasion.
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so that's why Carver's always stinks like Patchouli.
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You can catch Stevie on the radio sometimes on his Friday evening show ("The Heartbeat of Zion") on the Ft. Lewis College station KDUR. I believe that it is broadcast on the net, if you are not in Durango. It's followed every week by "Fire on the Mountain", the Dead show. They both provide excellent waxing music when you are getting ready for a ski weekend.

Smoke'm if you got'm.
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PSIA discount

Price is too low to post.

PSIA members, bring your ACTIVE PSIA card, a picture ID and present it at any ticket window. No letter required from your home mountain. You will be well taken care of.

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Anybody up for counterfitting PSIA cards
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dchan with the golden beta!

hey dchan, when's your Lv III exam?
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level 3 PSIA-W skiing is during the week of Jan 25-29 at Mammoth,
and week of Jan31-feb 4 at Sugarbowl. It's too early for me to take it this season. (still rehabing my leg) so I guess I'll have to wait until next season.


And back to your regularly scheduled programing.
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