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Atomic Gurus, s little info please

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I need to know the difference in last year's model of the R:9 and R:8.

My wife is 5-2, 120 and not very agressive at all on snow. She's currently skiing C:9's in a 160 which she likes a lot. She wants to get better at trees, bumps and general off-piste terrain. She demoed the R:9 last year and liked it. My local shop is out of 9's but has 8's that they are willing to give me a killer deal on.

The dimensions look slightly narrower on the 8 than the 9. Would the 8 still be a good choice for a timid upper intermediate skier to advance in off-piste terrain or should I keep looking? I personally feel the 9 may prove a little too stout for her.
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If it was me who'd get thrown in the dog house if the wrong skis were chosen, I'd suggest the R:8. The R:8 has a slightly narrower waist, but wider shovel, which gives it a deeper sidecut. It also uses B3 profile, so it is softer than the B4 R:9, but still retains all the torsional rigidity. Except on bullet proof ice, the R:8 will carve like the C:9 and its forerunners. Because of its footprint, it will float like the R:9 and its forerunners.

My colleague who runs the demos on Whislter Mountain (I do them everywhere else in BC but Whistler Mountain) used the R:8 in a 180 exclusively last season, and his stats are 5'11", 200#, and very aggressive.
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Thanks for the info. I thought it would be a good ski for her for "softer days" and advancing in off-piste terrain.

The shop that told me they had them discovered that the last pair of 160's is now missing. They must have sold sometime over the last few weeks. Any idea where I could get a new pair with 3.10's?

Evogear has some demos in 160 for $260, but I'd like to find new if possible.

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Hi Taylor,

You should look at the E:zone 9's also. They have the same stats as the R:9's and are more forgiving due to softer flex but not to soft. I ski them both off piste and on, bumps, crud, powder you name it. They ski very well in all conditions. I am a lower advanced skier who skis at squaw and I can take these babies any where on the whole mountain. Now on deep powder days you still would be better off to demo a pair of fats. But for a aki to take her all they way to and through advanced I would look at them. Also you can pick up a new pair cheap!
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Yeah, I've found out that's a very similar ski. The problem is nobody locally ever carried the E9, only the 5's and 7's. In fact, the E series appear harder to find that the R8's. Even online I can find a few R8's in 170+ lengths, and maybe 1 E9 to every 5 or 6 R8, but none in 150 or 160.
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I would strongly recommend the R8s. I am in a similar situation - 5'5" - 135 lbs. And I believe the R9 is a little too stiff. I tried an R8 last winter on a powder day _ and i had a great time. So i purchased a R8 this year. Try Helm of Sun Valley or untracked.com
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One idea might be to check ebay. They have a good selection of atomic skis and I saw a couple pair of R8's 160. That's where I got my E:9's (170) and my stomps (176), and the prices are not bad either!
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