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advice on ski's please

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Hey Guys,
Am going over to Canada skiing from OZ in Febuary for 5 weeks and am looking to buy my first set of ski's when I get too Whistler.My question is I am not sure as to what ski to buy as there is so many good brands to buy and I am not an expert and dont ski as much as I would like,so hence me asking this forum.
I am an middle to high intermediate 5'10" and about 170lb's all of my skiing has been done in oz and need a ski I can use here as well.I intend skiing Japan as well.I ski all blues confidently and love the progresion of the blacks
a couple of the ski's I was looking at were the head ic 160 super railflex,im 75 chip,k2 apache crossfire or recon and after looking at the review of the elan 666 maybe them.Do you think that these ski's maybe too hard for me to control etc given my skiing ability is not advanced

any feedback would be appreciated

thanks heaps

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good reading!

ur right, there are alot of good -> great skis out there and it's hard to pick a bad one, but having said that, one of the best review sites only lightly tainted by the ski industry is: http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/m...ll2004vol4no1/
over the last few years, i've bought a few items based on their recommendations and they are always spot on! "Ski" and "Skiing" magazine reviews are crap, they can't bring themselves to say anything "bad" about anyone's product and you can just smell the industry money biasing every word.
i've ridden last years 666 and it's a smooth operator for those who are right at your level. the k2 crossfire is perfect if you spend ~70% of your time groomers. don't know alot about head skis, they've been getting good reviews in the last couple of years. right now, my personal fav is the fischer rx series for alot of on-piste skiing; for you i'd recommend the rx6 ~170cm...good hunting.
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hey marty,
I recently bought Elan S08 Fusion and I my skiing improved at least ~40%. They gave me confidence on icy double diamond trails and lots of fun on everything else!
My friend tried them on and fell in love with them instantly.
Head ic160's should be good too....
Good luck!
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