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10 Ways to Annoy Cops

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1. Say, "Damn, officer, you must have been going fast to keep up with me!"
2. When he approaches you, stare at his gut and say, "Hmmm. I thought cops had to be physically fit."

3. Sway and ask if his bulletproof vest protects him from projectile vomiting.

4. Lie on the ground and ask him to draw your outline in chalk.

5. Throw his nightstick and tell the police dog to fetch it.

6. Ask him if you can use his pepper spray to spice up your pizza.

7. Tell him you wanted to be a cop, but decided to graduate high school instead.

8. When he asks you to walk the line, "Riverdance" instead.

9. Instead of pleading the 5th amendment, plead the 13th or 16th.

10. When he asks for your license, say, "Oh sure, officer, can you hold my beer for a sec?"

Feel free to add your favorites
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When he asks you to step out of the car, throw yourself on the hood automatically

Ask if you can borrow his Uniform for your Halloween Costume!
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"I'm not as think as you drunk I am"
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When you pull up to a stop light next to one put your car in neutral and start revving the engine. When the light changes pull away slowly.
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How about things only a cop can say....
"Just how big were those two beers?"
"Can you run faster than 1,286 feet per second?"
"The handcuffs are tight because they are new. They'll loosen up after you wear them awhile."
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"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"Not really. I don't have any doughnuts in the car with me..."


"Sir your eye's are bloodshot, have you been drinking tonight?"
"Well Sir, your eye's are glazed, have you been eating doughnuts tonight?"

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