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Here's my review of my new skis. Sorry if I'm not super technical

SKI: Volant Chubbs Newest Model
Price: $177 Ebay
Size: 185 (more like 191 though when compared with other 185's)
Skied at: Beaver Creek, Breckenridge.
Snow Type: Hard pack, Heavy, Crusty, and Light Powder.

Skier level: 7 (Blacks + Double Blacks; Small Cliffs)

Powder Performance 9: Great powder skis; Fly over all types of powder from Mashed Potatos to Fluff. In my opinion outdid the Pocket Rockets due to the fact that they are heavy. Horeshow bowl in Breck was no match. I don't consider myself a great skiier and I am a begginer powder skier but I had no problems on this Double Black.

Crud (9): Crushes through the crud...As long as its deeper then 2 inches then you can just call it powder..Cause this ski moves through like a hot knife through butter. It's heavy and that's why its nice. If you can't make powder days.

Hardpack/ Ice (7): Not really the best on either...Hardpack it does pretty well shifting your weight but you don't wanna hit ice...Of course most skiers in the west don't want to ever...It did ok on it..But a smaller ski of course would do better. Still I don't try to ski groomers much so it didn't matter to me.

Trees (8)/Hard Packed Bumps (4)/Softer Bumps (8): Well if there is poweder in the trees then they are great! Although my powder tree skills aren't great I had a pretty easy time turning these in some tight woods. A more experienced skier would no doubt do way better. As for bumps! UGH crappy! Big, heavy, wide skis...They don't like hardpack moguls...If they are soft powdery moguls then you can just rip right over them! Turning in tight moguls though ain't its thing. Not mine either though.

Speed (7): Pretty fast for a big ski. I think the Machetes probably move a lot quicker. Fine for me though. Speed is fun but I'd rather cruise. On powder they are fast.

Stability (10): Super stable in snow deeper then 2 inches. Heavy snow super stable as well. Ment for the deep stuff and crud. Very nice!

Turning (8): Well they turn great in powder but tight spots require a little more effort considering they are so heavy. Early in the day tight turns seems way easier then by the end of the day! But at least your legs will get stronger.

Park (1): Sorry this ski doesn't speak that lenguage.

Pros: Killer deep powder/crud/ big mountain stable fun ski. If you wanna ride them over anything and down anything then go for it!

Cons: Big fast mogul turns will make you beg for advil. Heavy!

All in all this is my favorite pair of skis that I have tried. I'm no expert but I compare them to the old orange BIGS