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Stevens Pass Today

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Finally got up to Stevens for the first time this season. Gag me. No way will I return until they get another foot and a half to two feet of base. If I do go back on my word & somehow get tempted to return, I'll bring true rock skis - the really disposable kind.

I expected only about a third of the mountain to be open (most of front side minus the Big Chief area). I expected to ski only groomers. Even though 7th Heaven was open, I had no desire to scrape down. So, in summary, my expectations were pretty modest.

What I got was so-so snow on semi-covered groomers. The "groomed" trails were full of gravel, dirt, rocks, exposed tips of boulders, portruding tree branches, plant debris, etc. Even skiing carefully, there was almost no way to avoid crunching your base/edges. Viewed from downslope, many of these objects are clearly well planted/embedded and could easily be marked with poles or spray paint. Likewise for yard wide & multi-yard long dirt patches hidden behind where some of the trails change pitch.

The snow conditions are sketchy enough this year. The resort's lack of marking obstacles on major groomed trails (especially their most heavily used) seems inexcusable to me. You could stand almost anywhere and hear metal meet rock time and time again (not ice, rock).

I really like Stevens - in a "normal" year, I'd have over ten days there already. And I can understand why they'd be desperate to open the resort and try to keep it open. Gotta give them a big, big thumbs-down today though. I guess I take a tiny bit of solace in the fact that people I've talked to claim Crystal is in worse shape.

Oh, and one more thing - they've apparently opened for night skiing. Unless you love core-shots, don't even think about it...

Bottom line:
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I, too, skied Stevens Pass today. Because they have very little snow, only about 30 percent of the mountain's open. They've been careful with what little they have, but the snow was still pretty sketchy. Lots of trees, bushes, rocks, and dirt on and off piste. Ugh. I won't ski there again until they get a lot more snow.
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Didn't ski there but viewed across highway and certainly can believe everything said. Stay away, unless you see another 18 inches worth of coverage show up. Probably a good indicator will be when they open Chief or even the back side. Ironically, the backcountry across the highway actually had acceptable coverage, so there must be something about the grooming process that flattens the snow down too much for what little they have.
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