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Forget about Big Bear

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Arrgh. We just suffered through a horrendous drive to Big Bear on Saturday...only to find 24 hours of farkin' RAIN!! We waited and waited for it to let up...never Happened. Today it's closed...and I doubt they will have any ski-able conditions until 2-3 weeks.

Curse of the Pineapple Strikes Again :
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My wife & I went up on Fri on a whim from Santa Barbara thinking conditions would be good.....WRONG! Saturday was very wet to say the least. Sat. night was very windy, rainy, crappy. We stayed in the Village on the top floor of Stillwell's Lodge....sounded like we were in a huricane all night. I heard about 200 people were stranded on Hwy 30 at some point. We were glad to leave Sunday, only to drive back home to mud slides, flooding, etc....but it's hard to complain when you get to spend some time in the mtns, regardless of the outcome.
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